ZIMBABWE – TUMINDA, a fresh produce exporting company founded in Zimbabwe, has announced a pivotal transition marked by a new company identity, logo, and the name, KUMINDA Enterprises Pvt Ltd, following a new ownership.

“We are thrilled to unveil our evolution into Kuminda, signifying our renewed vision and dedication,” expressed Clarence Mwale, the company’s CEO in an official company notice.

With the new name, the company will henceforth be trading as “KUMINDA” which is a Shona word meaning ‘at the farms.’

This comprehensive transformation extends to banking details, billing particulars, electronic communications, and official documents, all adorned with the new symbol.

Embracing this transformation, the company pledges to strengthen existing partnerships while forging new alliances to foster mutual growth. The transition aims to streamline operations, promising improved service quality and product excellence.

“We are steadfast in our pursuit of elevating industry standards, with a renewed emphasis on food safety, environmental sustainability, and ethical practices,” stated Mwale.

The relocation to a modern facility in Harare, Zimbabwe, underscores KUMINDA’s commitment to technological advancement and operational efficiency.

This move is poised to enhance productivity while bolstering the company’s ability to meet evolving market demands.

“Our new premises signify our forward momentum and dedication to advancing agricultural practices,” Mwale emphasized.

Despite the changes, KUMINDA remains rooted in its esteemed workforce, supplemented by fresh talent poised to enhance service delivery and logistical capabilities.

The company remains dedicated to empowering small-scale farmers, facilitating market access, and enhancing agricultural capabilities.

This dedication is evidenced by its diverse portfolio of fresh produce, ranging from blueberries and French beans to garlic and litchi. These offerings embody quality, nutrition, and market competitiveness.

As KUMINDA embarks on this transformative journey, its core values of empowerment, innovation, and excellence remain steadfast. With a vision to redefine industry standards and uplift communities, Kuminda is poised to embrace new opportunities and navigate the future with confidence.

“We look forward to a good and successful season, and beyond,” concluded the notice, echoing Kuminda’s unwavering resolve to catalyze positive change in the agricultural landscape.

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