ASIA – Westfalia Fruit, a multinational avocado supplier, has concluded a thriving year in Asia, capitalizing on “exciting growth” in new and emerging markets across the continent.

The company anticipates sustained market expansion throughout the region well into the latter half of the decade.


In 2022, Westfalia made a strategic entry into the Indian market, collaborating with local partners and investing in production and nurseries.

The market witnessed remarkable growth, soaring from 200 to 4,000 tons in just a few years. Furthermore, 2023 marked the maiden commercial harvest of Indian-grown Hass avocados, with an additional 500 acres of Westfalia’s existing plantations in Southern India set to commence production.

Last December, Westfalia Fruit India imported the first commercial shipment of avocados from Australia, perfectly complementing the Indian avocado imports calendar and aligning with rising demand.

Business Development Executive Zac Bard emphasizes, “We believe that the demand for both Hass avocados and our exclusive GEM variety will continue to grow on the back of strong per capita income growth and a rise in discretionary spending.”


While the Chinese avocado market experienced a downturn during pandemic lockdowns, 2023 witnessed a positive turnaround, signaling optimism.

South African avocados gained access to the Chinese market in August, with Westfalia Fruit leading exports and representing half of all avocado trade. Bard underscores the company’s commitment to approaching opportunities in China sustainably and responsibly.


In 2023, Westfalia in Peru achieved a remarkable 58% increase in avocado imports to Japan. Marketing initiatives, supported by trade bodies, played a crucial role in raising awareness and consumption of avocados as part of Japanese cuisine. South Africa also secured avocado market access to Japan during the same period.

Bard concludes with a forward-looking perspective: “Avocados grown in Africa and sold in Asia are going to change many people’s lives for the better.”

Meanwhile, this impressive growth coincides with Westfalia Fruit’s commemoration of its 75th anniversary, where the global avocado supplier reflects on its history of positive impact.

Founded by philanthropist Dr. Hans Merensky in 1949, Westfalia remains committed to its purpose of Doing Good.

The Hans Merensky Trust, established 75 years ago, reflects Dr. Merensky’s foresight in ensuring a legacy of support for local communities.

From its roots in South Africa, Westfalia has expanded its global presence across 17 countries and 5 continents.

Working in partnership with local communities and investing in a sustainable future, the company continues to make a positive impact both locally and across the global industry.

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