INDIA – Westfalia Fruit has marked a notable milestone with the arrival of the inaugural sea-freighted shipment of Kenyan avocados to India, a strategic move in expanding its footprint in the Indian market.

Zac Bard, Westfalia’s business development executive, described the achievement as a point of pride.

“We are very proud to bring the first sea shipment of Kenyan avocados to India, building on our long-standing relationship with the largest Kenyan avocado grower and exporter,” he said.

Westfalia Fruit India has firmly established itself as a leader in the avocado market, consistently importing and distributing avocados from multiple regions.

In addition to managing over 60% of Tanzanian avocado imports into India, the company introduced Australian avocados to the local market earlier this year, importing more than 85% of all Australian avocados in the first quarter.

This move aligned perfectly with the Indian avocado import calendar, ensuring a steady supply of Western Australia’s fruit from November to March, complementing African import programs.

The Indian market for imported avocados has been growing rapidly, with the import volume doubling each year for the past two years.

In 2023, imports totaled around 4,000 tons, and projections for 2024 suggest that this number could rise to 8,000 tons.

Westfalia Fruit has taken the lead in distributing avocados across India, working with national distributors NGK Trading and Samberry Exotics to reach major retailers and wholesalers in large cities as well as smaller towns.

Westfalia Fruit’s recent activities have been focused on solidifying its market presence and expanding its product reach.

The company hosted a trade launch in Kerala, known for its high per capita consumption of locally grown green-skin avocados.

Bard emphasized that East Africa’s extended growing season will be crucial to meet India’s avocado demand.

With duty benefits from Tanzania and the opening of the South African market, Bard noted, “It will provide us an opportunity to extend the season all year round and also supplement the East African volumes as the demand for good Hass avocados grows in India.”

Ajay TG, general manager of Westfalia Fruit India, mentioned that immature avocados imported by some sellers had a negative impact on avocado consumption earlier in the year.

“The market is now differentiating between Westfalia Fruit and other importers bringing in immature fruit to fill gaps in the early season,” he said.

“This is a healthy sign of the industry’s growth, and consistent supply of good quality avocados will continue to build demand and consumption in India.”

Additionally, as the U.S. prepares for Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day, Westfalia Fruit has introduced its premium avocado oil products to the market.

These oils, crafted from ripe avocados, are available in plain and flavored variants like lemon and garlic, catering to diverse culinary needs.

This move not only offers consumers quality options for cooking and baking but also underscores Westfalia Fruit’s commitment to innovation and expansion in its product offerings.

Looking ahead, Westfalia Fruit and its grower partners are set to begin commercial harvests of Indian Hass avocados later this year. This addition will enhance the supply calendar for imported fruit.

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