UK – Westfalia Fruit, the foremost global avocado supplier, commemorates its remarkable 75th anniversary this year.

Founded in 1949 by the visionary geologist and philanthropist Dr. Hans Merensky, Westfalia remains dedicated to its enduring mission of Doing Good.

Dr. Merensky’s forward-thinking legacy also established the Hans Merensky Trust 75 years ago, ensuring that the company’s pioneering spirit and commitment to local communities would endure for generations to come.

The celebration of Westfalia’s milestone is not just about longevity but about the profound impact the company has had globally.

“Westfalia’s 75th anniversary is a testament to our enduring commitment to sustainable practices, innovation, and community engagement. We are proud to celebrate this milestone while continuing our mission to make a positive impact locally and across the avocado industry,” says Westfalia.

Innovative Food Safety Advancements

One noteworthy achievement in Westfalia’s recent endeavors is the successful testing of an innovative and natural method to enhance food safety in the supply chain.

Utilizing a probiotic distributed within a water mist circulated in the ripening room, Westfalia observed a remarkable 65% reduction in micro levels compared to the control room.

Avocados treated with the probiotic remained mold-free for up to fifteen days, contributing to a 20% reduction in internal rot.

This breakthrough method not only promotes food safety but also reduces reliance on chemical cleaning materials and minimizes downtime for ripening room cleaning.

Expanding horizons in Asia

Westfalia has experienced substantial growth in India, China, and Japan, capitalizing on the surging demand for avocados in these regions.

Entering the Indian market in 2022, Westfalia quickly became the leading importer of avocados, with imports soaring from 200 to 4000 tonnes within two years.

The company also secured access for its avocados in Australia and is close to gaining entry into the Indian market.

Despite challenges during pandemic lockdowns, the Chinese avocado market rebounded in 2023, presenting new opportunities.

South Africa celebrated as its avocados gained access to the Chinese market in August. Westfalia in Peru achieved a 58% increase in avocado imports to Japan in 2023, solidifying its position as a leading supplier.

The company aims to extend the avocado season by strategically combining fruit from Peru and South Africa in the Japanese market.

Environmental stewardship in Colombia

In a distinctive initiative, Westfalia is actively involved in preserving a nationally protected area in Colombia, located on its land in the Sonsón municipality.

Collaborating with local government, community committees, and producer associations since 2021, Westfalia Colombia has planted over 7000 trees and aims to plant more than 20,000 trees by 2025, contributing to the restoration of ecologically vital areas.

These global sustainability initiatives underscore Westfalia’s commitment to responsible business practices, conservation, and leadership within the avocado industry.

As the company celebrates its 75th anniversary, it remains dedicated to shaping a sustainable future for both its business and the communities it serves.

Fruit Logistica showcase: AvoExperts unveil innovations

Moreover, from February 7-9, Westfalia Fruit will showcase its achievements and innovations at Fruit Logistica in Berlin.

The company will share insights into avocado personalization and the use of probiotics in the supply chain for premium avocado quality.

Visitors can also indulge in popcorn made with avocado oil, explore the Orchard of the Future, and learn about Westfalia’s readiness for 2049 and beyond at their stand D-21 in Hall 5.2 during Fruit Logistica.

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