US – As Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day approach, Westfalia Fruit is excited to unveil its premium avocado oil products in the United States this spring.

Crafted from ripe avocados, these oils, available in plain and flavored variants like lemon and garlic, cater to diverse culinary needs.

With a high smoke point, they are ideal for cooking, baking, drizzling, dipping, frying, and roasting. Further details on these products will be forthcoming.

Christina Ward of Westfalia Fruit anticipates California’s harvest peaking in late April, with ample volumes available until June, albeit with smaller sizes due to weather variations. Ward emphasizes adaptation to nature’s whims as an inherent aspect of the industry’s rhythm.

Meanwhile, the North American avocado industry braces for May promotions. Avocados sourced from California, Mexico, Colombia, and Peru mark the season.

In Colombia, renowned for its fertile soils, Westfalia Fruit ensures a steady supply of avocados until August, primarily in medium and small sizes.

Similarly, Peru anticipates a robust season starting in May, sustained until August. Westfalia’s significant presence in Peru, facilitated by production facilities and technical expertise, underpins its capacity to deliver premium avocados globally.

With operational hubs in Colombia, Peru, and Chile, Westfalia Fruit maintains packing and storage facilities aimed at providing top-grade avocados to North America and beyond.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, avocado availability remains stable year-round, albeit with seasonal variations in fruit characteristics. Presently, the harvest’s tail end yields fruit from elevated terrains, ensuring superior flavor profiles.

Westfalia Fruit’s vertical integration ensures a continuous avocado supply, enabling swift responses to market dynamics while tailoring programs to customer preferences.

The upward trend in avocado sales correlates with consumers’ growing awareness of its health benefits.

According to the Hass Avocado Board’s 4th quarter report, avocado sales surged during holidays, with a notable three percent growth in volume and dollar sales during Christmas week in 2023.

Consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability, a principle Westfalia Fruit upholds through responsible production practices and eco-friendly packaging.

As consumer preferences continue to evolve, Westfalia Fruit remains committed to innovation and sustainability, aiming to delight customers while safeguarding the planet’s resources.

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