INDIA – Westfalia Fruit India has marked a significant milestone with the initiation of commercial avocado imports from Australia to India, a breakthrough following successful trial shipments.

Aligning perfectly with the Indian avocado import calendar, Western Australia’s fruit availability from November to March complements African import programs, ensuring a steady supply throughout the year.

As a frontrunner in India’s avocado market, Westfalia Fruit, through its Indian subsidiary established in 2022, has emerged as the largest importer of avocados in the country.

The company collaborates extensively with major national retail chains and e-commerce entities, actively promoting avocado awareness.

“Westfalia Fruit has established itself as the market leader in India, operating across diverse origins such as Tanzania, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, and now Australia,” shared Zac Bard, Westfalia Fruit’s group business development executive.

Renowned as ‘AVOEXPERTS,’ the company focuses on delivering consistently high-quality fruit sourced from various origins, a sentiment echoed by Zac Bard.

Ajay TG, general manager for Westfalia Fruit India, emphasized the pivotal role of sea shipments from Western Australia in meeting the escalating avocado demand over the next quarter.

“With Hass avocados available year-round, the market’s appetite for this fruit continues to surge, enabling hotels and restaurants to confidently incorporate avocados into their menus,” explained Ajay TG.

Indeed, the evolving Indian culinary landscape has witnessed an infusion of avocado into traditional dishes at restaurants, caterers, and street food stalls, broadening its reach to a diverse audience.

The Indian avocado market, valued at nearly 2.5 million US dollars in 2021, has seen substantial growth, primarily fueled by the food service industry.

The surge in demand, especially among millennials, is attributed to their health-conscious choices and openness to diverse food options.

The burgeoning middle class in India exhibits a preference for imported avocados, further driving this upward trend in consumption.

The World Avocado Organization (WAO) reported a staggering 450% increase in avocado imports to India between 2019-20 and 2022-23, signaling immense growth potential.

Expectations remain high for continued growth in the Indian avocado market, offering significant opportunities for increased consumption and market expansion.

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