GLOBAL – The World Avocado Organization (WAO) has announced partnerships with 30 supermarkets in 12 countries to promote avocado consumption.

WAO is a non-profit organization that aims to promote sustainability in the global production and consumption of avocados.

Its recent initiative supports this vision and has tripled its retail support across the UK and Europe since 2021.

WAO works directly with its partners to enhance awareness creation at the distribution point, both in-store and online.

WAO, for instance, creates awareness of the fresh produce in stores through various promotional materials such as in-store sampling, posters, banner ads, videos, wall and floor stickers, and informative recipe leaflets.

To gain traction online, WAO creatively engages with consumers on retailers’ websites through optimized content such as meal preps, banner ads, unique recipes, and customized promotions.

WAO has since partnered with over 4,000 stores in the UK, including retail stores on the ground such as Tesco, Waitrose, and Whole Foods, as well as online through

“WAO’s tailored campaigns for individual markets are strategically designed to establish avocados as a staple dietary choice throughout Europe,” the group said.

According to their assessment, the UK is lagging behind other European countries in terms of avocado consumption, with a rate of 1.5kg per capita. This is lower than Denmark (3kg per capita), Spain (2.5kg per capita), and Sweden (1.9kg per capita).

“We are thrilled to see avocados becoming a staple in kitchens and restaurants across Europe,” said Zac Bard, Chairman of the World Avocado Organization.

 “Our collaboration with retailers is evidence of the growing demand for avocados and their recognition as a nutritious superfood,” expressed the group.

The group further noted that this expanded support will further educate consumers about the various health benefits of avocados resulting in increased demand which will have a direct benefit on avocado farming communities that are members of WAO around the world.

“Thanks are also due to our members for their collective effort and willingness to contribute to the growth of the avocado industry,” the group added.

The Word Avocado Organization not only promotes avocado consumption but also advocates for sustainable and ethical farming practices.

WAO was founded in 2016, and its members consist of avocado farmers, exporters, and importers from around the world. The top four countries that supply growers to the EU and the UK are also part of the team.

The basis of WAO’s promotional activities is the nutritional value and proven health benefits of the fruit. It is also a repository of information and insights on avocado production, supply chain, and sustainability in relation to the market.

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