MOROCCO – The Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) and Les Domaines Agricoles have unveiled DAUMTECH, a joint venture aimed at revolutionizing agriculture in Morocco through advanced technology and sustainable practices.

The partnership, which emerges from a four-year Research and Development collaboration, aspires to position Morocco as a regional hub in precision agriculture, contributing to both economic efficiency and environmental resilience.

The DAUMTECH initiative signifies a pivotal step towards precision agriculture, embracing cutting-edge technology to address challenges posed by climate change.

The focus will be on agricultural exports, particularly citrus fruits and berries among other crops. The joint venture endeavors to transform Moroccan agronomic expertise into practical solutions that address contemporary challenges and foster sustainable growth.

It seeks to usher in a new era where sustainable agricultural practices play a central role in reshaping Morocco’s agricultural landscape.

Faissal Sehbaoui, CEO of DAUMTECH, expressed the ambitious nature of the project, stating, “This unique collaboration will allow Moroccan agriculture to shine globally through AgriTech.”

Furthermore, the joint venture aims to amalgamate the agronomic expertise of Les Domaines Agricoles with UM6P’s advanced technology, translating this synergy into accessible digital solutions for farmers and stakeholders across Morocco and beyond.

Key solutions offered by DAUMTECH include reasoned fertilization management, precision irrigation, prediction of agricultural yields, and the innovative concept of “Carbon Farming.”

The collaboration aligns with UM6P and Les Domaines Agricoles’ shared vision of ensuring national food sovereignty.

 Decrease in rainfall precipitation

Meanwhile, Morocco grapples with exceptional climatic conditions, as highlighted by Minister of Agriculture Mohamed Sadiki.

A significant decline in rainfall, reaching 54% below the 40-year average, has impacted water reserves and raised concerns about water scarcity.

Minister Sadiki emphasized the decrease in agricultural areas and the challenges faced in water allocation for irrigation.

Despite these challenges, the agricultural campaign has shown promise in its early stages, with the completion of the autumn vegetable program in irrigated areas encompassing 90,600 hectares.

Winter vegetable cultivation on 11,000 hectares is already underway. Minister Sadiki acknowledged the complexity of the water situation, underscoring the government’s priority on ensuring drinking water availability.

Sadiki also cited the measures put in place to address the situation, including restrictions against the expansion of water-intensive crops like citrus fruits, avocados, and watermelons.

In the face of these challenges, the DAUMTECH joint venture emerges as a beacon of hope, symbolizing a commitment to leveraging technology and sustainable practices to overcome obstacles and propel Morocco towards becoming a leading force in precision agriculture.

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