BRAZIL – The De Marchi Group in Brazil implemented Tomra 5B sorting technology in early 2023, significantly improving the quality and volume of its production line.

The company cultivates fruits and vegetables on a large scale and produces a variety of frozen and fresh foods for domestic and international markets.

By delivering healthier and more sustainable products, the group aims to surpass customers’ expectations.

Enhanced efficiency and safety

Carlos Alberto De Marchi, industrial director of the Sao Paulo-based company, praised the partnership with Tomra for its numerous advantages, including the boost in product quality.

Before installing the Tomra 5B, the production process was entirely manual. De Marchi noted that the new technology greatly improved resource management and economics. Additionally, the machine contributed significantly to food safety and reliability in the sorting process.

De Marchi reported that after six months of using the Tomra 5B, the line’s productivity increased by 30%. He emphasized the greater safety in products produced and the synergy of profitability, reliability, and agility.

De Marchi also highlighted Tomra’s exceptional personalized support, which has been crucial to the successful implementation.

Advanced sorting technology

The Tomra 5B optical sorter offers multiple benefits, including maximum food safety, higher quality product sorting, and optimized production line throughput.

Employees who previously performed sorting tasks can now focus on other essential areas of the production line.

The Tomra 5B has proven efficient in various applications, such as minimally processed fruits and vegetables and frozen pre-fried potatoes.

Ishida Europe introduces new checkweigher line

Meanwhile, Ishida Europe launched an improved line of check weighers designed to meet the latest European market standards.

Utilizing nearly 50 years of technical experience, the Ishida DACS-GN platform enhances check weighing while retaining familiarity for existing customers. Manufactured in the UK, these check weighers meet the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) and offer faster lead times.

The DACS-GN checkweighers come in two versions: Excellence and Advanced. Both handle target weights from 5g to 6kg and operate at speeds up to 480 packs per minute, improving performance.

Philip Grove, Ishida’s Product Manager for Checkweighers, Metal Detectors, and IDCS, highlighted the focus on continuous development and listening to customer needs.

The Ishida DACS-GN features improvements in electronics, software, and mechanical design. Streamlined software eliminates the need for additional operating hardware, while a consistent electrical platform simplifies maintenance and servicing.

The system includes an easy-to-use Color Touch Screen display running on the latest Ishida software. Notable features include local production data backup to USB, OPC-UA, and Industry 5.0 compatibility, and options that can be added without service visits.

All DACS-GN models incorporate a metal detector and Ishida’s innovative RRC (Retail Reject Confirmation) system, which confirms that non-conforming products are removed from the line.

Grove praised the flexibility of the new checkweighers, combining advanced features and performance with Ishida’s well-established quality and reliability.

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