SPAIN – TOMRA Food, a leading supplier of optical food sorting machines, has recently unveiled its latest endeavor entailing a dedicated center for fresh fruit and processed food projects in Valencia.

This new facility holds significance due to its proximity to major horticultural and nut growing regions, facilitating direct engagement with customers and partners.

This move signals TOMRA Food’s commitment to enhancing service accessibility and bolstering its presence in the EMEA market.

TOMRA Food, renowned for its optical sorting, grading, and peeling solutions, serves a broad spectrum of markets across continents, including the United States, Spain, Italy, and China.

 Recognizing the need for a more streamlined approach, the company’s new EVP and Head, Harald Henriksen, spearheaded the establishment of a regional structure, underscoring a desire for closer collaboration with clients.

Karel Strubbe, the newly appointed SVP and Head of TOMRA Food for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, emphasizes the importance of direct engagement with customers across fewer time zones, enhancing agility, and fostering stronger relationships.

This localized approach prioritizes prompt and quality communication to ensure optimal service delivery.

In line with its collaborative ethos, TOMRA Food views customer relationships as partnerships aimed at finding tailored solutions for each project. With Spain’s fruit, vegetable, and nut sector being a cornerstone of its operations, the inauguration of the Valencia center marks a pivotal step towards strengthening these relationships and fostering closer ties with local producers.

The Valencia center, now operational, serves as the epicenter for TOMRA Food’s European projects, offering demonstrations for various fruit applications.

Additionally, it functions as a training hub for both company personnel and customer operators, underscoring TOMRA Food’s commitment to knowledge transfer and skill development.

Moreover, the center serves as a crucial after-sales service hub for the EMEA region, housing spare parts to expedite maintenance processes.

Led by Team Leader Jorge García Cascales, a dedicated technical team provides exemplary support to installations across Spain, Portugal, and beyond.

Alejandro Palacios, TOMRA Food’s regional sales manager for Southern Europe, highlights the significance of demonstration centers in showcasing the capabilities of sorting machines.

With a focus on citrus, blueberries, and potatoes, the Valencia center offers tailored support to customers, further solidifying TOMRA Food’s commitment to customer-centric solutions.

Jesus Hernandez, sales manager of TOMRA Food Spain, underscores the company’s aspirations to become the sales leader in the EMEA region, emphasizing continuous innovation and exceptional service delivery as key drivers of growth.

The Valencia center boasts a comprehensive range of machines, including the Demo SLS and KATO + LUCAi 12-line sorter, equipped with cutting-edge technology to address complex sorting challenges.

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