NETHERLANDS – Tolsma-Grisnich and the Invaro Group have announced a collaborative venture effective May 1, 2024, aimed at advancing optical sorting technology for potatoes and onions.

This partnership signals the onset of a robust joint effort to pioneer innovative solutions in agricultural processing.

Under this agreement, Tolsma-Grisnich assumes responsibility for global sales and services for Schouten Optica Q and Optica CS.

Simultaneously, the Invaro Group maintains its focus on the continual improvement and manufacturing of Optica machinery and associated technology.

Both Tolsma-Grisnich and the Invaro Group are esteemed industry leaders with extensive experience in horticulture and agriculture.

Their combined expertise promises to deliver groundbreaking solutions aimed at streamlining operations for growers and processors while enhancing the overall quality of their produce.

Esteemed commercial professionals from the Invaro Group, Bram Jansen and Jaap Haaksema, will bolster Tolsma-Grisnich’s sales network, ensuring enhanced support for customers.

Schouten Optica Q and Optica CS, renowned for their cutting-edge sorting capabilities, complement Tolsma-Grisnich’s existing portfolio.

These state-of-the-art technologies empower customers with advanced sorting functionalities, promising increased efficiency and productivity.

Weather challenges delay European potato seeding

Meanwhile, across Europe, potato planting progress has encountered significant setbacks due to adverse weather conditions.

While soil conditions are gradually improving, heavy rains have hampered planting activities in several regions.

Germany and France have made notable strides, with a quarter of their processing crops already planted. However, planting has only commenced in Holland and Belgium, underscoring the disparity in progress across the continent.

The United Kingdom also grapples with delays in planting progress, coupled with sluggish growth rates. These challenges have contributed to a slower-than-anticipated start to the planting season.

In Ireland, potato stocks continue to dwindle, placing significant pressure on merchants to source packing quality material. While some regions have made progress, persistent wet conditions in others have hindered planting efforts, exacerbating supply shortages.

Despite the prevailing challenges, stakeholders remain optimistic about the season ahead. The collaborative efforts of industry leaders like Tolsma-Grisnich and the Invaro Group signify a concerted commitment to innovation, promising a brighter future for agricultural processing.

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