TANZANIA – Tanzania’s horticultural industry has witnessed an important boost through TradeMark Africa (TMA) and the Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) partnership, supported by a USD 2.1 million grant.

This partnership marks the start of Phase II of a project that aims to improve the industry’s access to regional and international markets.

The three-year project is backed by funds from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), Norway, and Ireland-funded TMA.

It focuses on enhancing market access and empowering local farmers while addressing challenges such as logistical limitations and climate change.

Market access and production

The project aims to increase the production volume of key horticultural value chains for both regional and overseas markets.

The goal is to boost production from 50,000 tonnes, worth USD 18.3 million, to 89,754 tonnes, potentially generating USD 30.6 million annually. By increasing production, the project could substantially improve the industry’s profitability.

Empowering local farmers

This partnership will benefit a growing group of horticultural growers across the nation, including many women and young people.

The number of farmers involved is expected to grow from the current 27,854 to 55,708 individuals. By offering support and resources, the project will empower these farmers to cultivate crops for export markets and increase their economic prospects.

Overcoming challenges

Despite the strength of Tanzania’s agriculture sector, challenges such as inadequate market access and limited logistical support have hindered the growth and profitability of the horticultural sub-sector.

TMA and TAHA aim to change this situation by establishing direct links between farmers and buyers, leveraging digital innovations, and maintaining international standards.

Ms. Monica Hangi, TradeMark Africa’s Regional Director for East and Central Africa, highlighted the project’s mission: “To transform Tanzania’s horticulture into a sustainable, profitable sub-sector by addressing the systemic barriers that have held it back.”

TAHA leads delegation to Fruit Logistica

In another development, Tanzania’s horticultural industry is expected to benefit from the successful participation of its growers and exporters in the prominent European trade show, Fruit Logistica, held in Berlin, Germany earlier this year. TAHA led the delegation to showcase the country’s potential for exporting fresh produce.

TAHA’s pavilion at the trade show attracted many potential customers interested in exploring partnerships with the Tanzanian horticultural sector.

This initiative has already resulted in promising leads, with key industry players expressing interest in sourcing produce from Tanzania.

These combined efforts from TradeMark Africa, TAHA, and international engagement at events like Fruit Logistica position Tanzania’s horticultural sector for significant growth and success in the coming years.

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