SOUTH AFRICA – The Dutoit Group from Gysbertus du Toit, is celebrating 130 years as a South African agricultural company situated in Kromfontein Farm in the Western Cape.

With its first fruit trees established in 1893, the business has since grown, becoming one of the largest family-owned fresh produce companies in the region.

The organization incorporates the du Toit Family empowerment initiative and Dutoit Group, which includes Dutoit Agri, Newtrend Farms (which focuses on joint ventures with existing successful farmers), Dutoit Invest, Dutoit International, and Libland.

Heavily rooted in South Africa, Dutoit is a truly international brand with well-established and profitable alliances and capital investments globally.

Dutoit has almost 5,000 hectares of fruit and vegetables under irrigation in the lower altitude Warm Bokkeveld, the Berg River, and Sandveld regions as well as in Langkloof in the Eastern Cape, in addition to the original higher altitude Koue Bokkeveld region.

Traditional and new varieties of apples and pears make up the bulk of Dutoit’s produce, with stone fruit which includes nectarines, plums, peaches, and cherries. Dutoit packs 140,000 tons of fruit and 78,000 tons of vegetables annually.

Dutoit Vegetables incorporates six farms, specializing in onions, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. Annually, the business produces 50,000 tons of onions, 20,000 tons of potatoes, 8,000 tons of sweet potatoes, as well as shallots, pumpkins, and fresh garlic.

“While there has been significant innovation and transformation in agriculture over the last 130 years, what has remained resolute is our mission to produce, pack, market, and distribute quality fresh produce for our clients and customers,” says Willem Coetzee, Chief Operating Officer at Dutoit Agri.

Clemengold turns 20

In another quite similar milestone development, South Africa’s Clemengold celebrated 20 years of impact and operational growth in South Africa’s fresh produce sector.

“It is hard to believe that it was 20 years ago that the industry was introduced to the Clemengold brand, and the vision for the brand’s future,” expressed Justin Chadwick, CEO at CGA.

“That vision has become a reality with Clemengold, a household name in South Africa and, gaining popularity around the world.”

According to CGA, the creation of the Clemengold brand to drive consumer demand was essential for South Africa’s fast-growing mandarin sector and all those involved should take a bow for their foresight and attention to detail.

With even more Mandarin orchards coming on stream in the future there will be a great need to lure every consumer they can, hence the existence of Clemengold.

“The CGA Group would also like to thank Clemengold for all the sponsorships and support over the years,” said Chadwick.

Clemengold has funded many projects at the Citrus Academy and has sponsored events at the CRI Research Symposium and CGA Citrus Summit.

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