TANZANIA – Tanzania’s horticultural crops industry is poised for significant growth following the successful participation of growers and exporters in the prestigious European fresh produce trade show, Fruit Logistica, held in Berlin, Germany.

The Tanzanian Horticultural Association (TAHA), a prominent advocate for the industry, led a delegation to showcase the country’s potential in exporting perishables.

TAHA’s pavilion at the trade show garnered attention, standing out among exhibitors. Potential customers flocked to engage with the delegation, eager to explore partnerships with the Tanzanian horticultural sector.

The initiative has already resulted in promising leads, with notable players expressing interest in Tanzania’s produce.

One such prospect is the Daily Green Company, which is keen on purchasing okra, bitter gourd, and African bird’s eye chili from Tanzanian growers.

Officials from the company have visited Arusha to finalize an export deal under the auspices of TAHA. They expressed eagerness to commence massive exports once logistics are in place.

“Our customers can’t wait to consume the fresh okra, bitter gourd, and African bird’s eye chili from Tanzania, so we are supposed to commence massive export anytime soon after all logistics are in place,” said the Daily Green Company officials.

The Chief Development Manager of TAHA, Mr. Anthony Chamanga, who led the engagement with the new buyer, expressed gratitude on behalf of the industry.

Daily Green Company has committed to substantial annual orders, demanding 2,340 metric tons of okra, 2,880 metric tons of bitter gourd, and 520 metric tons of African bird’s eye chili, reflecting a significant economic boost for Tanzanian growers.

Mr. Chamanga highlighted the commitment to include women and youth in the supply chain, aligning with TAHA’s strategy to support the Building Better Tomorrow (BBT) initiative by the Tanzanian government.

This prioritization aims to address challenges faced by women and youth in agribusiness, including limited access to land, finance, technology, and markets.

“The largest part of the contract will be preserved for women and youth,” Mr. Chamanga affirmed.

He extended appreciation to TAHA’s development partners, including the Tanzanian government, Swedish Embassy, World Food Program (WFP), and the Tanzania Agricultural Development Bank (TADB), for their crucial support.

Their contributions enabled TAHA to participate in the Fruit Logistica trade fair and forge valuable connections.

Dr. Jacqueline Mkindi, the CEO of TAHA, emphasized the transformative impact of such contracts on the horticultural sector.

The industry, which saw an 11% growth before the COVID-19 pandemic, generated approximately 418 million US dollars in 2023, up from 290 million US dollars in 2022.

Dr. Mkindi outlined the government’s strategic plan to elevate the horticulture industry to a $2 billion annual revenue by 2030, creating substantial employment opportunities for youth and women across the value chain.

The successful engagement at Fruit Logistica signifies a positive turning point for Tanzanian horticulture, unlocking new avenues for growth and international collaboration.

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