TANZANIA – The Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) has applauded the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania for its commendable efforts in safeguarding the agricultural sector, evidenced by the recent interception of an immature avocado shipment at the Namanga border.

The leadership of TAHA commends the Ministry of Agriculture and the Plant Health and Pesticides Authority (TPHPA) for their vigilant action in seizing and detaining of the illegal shipment from Kenya.

This swift response reflects the government’s commitment to maintaining the high standards of Tanzania’s agricultural products and protecting the nation’s standing in global markets.

In acknowledging the government’s dedication to combating illicit practices in agricultural trade, TAHA emphasizes the importance of preventing the export of immature or poor-quality fruits, which could tarnish Tanzania’s image as a provider of top-quality agricultural products.

The association strongly condemns fraudulent activities perpetrated by dishonest traders involved in harvesting and transporting immature and substandard avocados to international markets.

“These acts not only devalue the efforts of honest producers but also undermine the significant, long-term investments made in the agricultural sector,” TAHA highlighted in the release.

Companies engaging in the purchase and sale of immature avocados, and other crops, not only jeopardize the country’s well-being but also compromise its reputation on the global stage.

The association urges businesses to seek accurate information on production, harvesting, and selling procedures from the Ministry of Agriculture and TAHA.

TAHA remains committed to collaborating with the government and its authorities to develop the agricultural sector, with a specific focus on horticulture. Through such collaborations, TAHA aims to contribute further to the economic development of Tanzania.

Meanwhile, the Kenyan Agriculture and Food Authority, in a move to curb the smuggling incident initiated a crackdown in Namanga, leading to the interception of four trucks transporting avocados and the subsequent arrest of those involved.

According to the authority, AFA received a tip-off from an exporter alerting them to the illegal transportation of Kenyan avocados across the Tanzanian border.

In response, they deployed a surveillance officer to Namanga, collaborating with security officers to halt the smuggling operation.

The intercepted trucks are now impounded at the Namanga customs office, and legal actions are underway for violating the provisions of the Crops Act 2013 and the Crops (Horticulture) Crops Regulations 2020.

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