US – Syngenta Group has partnered with the Potato Sustainability Alliance (PSA) to bring on-farm sustainability insights on potato production using their Sustainable Outcomes in Agriculture (SOA) standard and Cropwise Sustainability mobile application.

This partnership was fueled by the group’s recognition of the need to collect and communicate sustainability progress seamlessly with PSA initiating a search for a turnkey solution to bring credible and actionable insights to over 550 potato growers across North America.

Syngenta, a PSA member company, felt that their app could meet the needs of the PSA Program, given its history and proficiency in developing grower-focused technologies.

After a rigorous review by the PSA Program Design Team and staff, PSA’s Board of Directors selected Syngenta and the Cropwise Sustainability app as their on-farm self-assessment tool for the PSA Program.

Since the collaboration took effect, Syngenta and PSA have partnered to tailor Cropwise Sustainability’s interface to support a diverse group of potato growers, processors, and other industry partners in their sustainability journeys – identifying conditions unique to potatoes and adapting application questions accordingly.

″Our standard is applicable to all crops and farming systems, but every crop has different requirements, ″ said Liz Hunt, Head of Sustainable and Responsible Business at Syngenta. ″Working closely with the PSA team allowed us to customize specific questions and reports to make Cropwise Sustainability the tool of choice for potato growers. ″

Moreover, early this month, Syngenta Crop Protection’s Seedcare business introduced Equento, a novel seed treatment that provides outstanding control of various soil pests while helping farmers increase the sustainability of their farming operations in Basel, Switzerland.

Equento, based on Syngenta’s cutting-edge Plinazolin technology, is applied onto seeds, protecting the crop right from the start of its life.

According to a new mode of action, IRAC Group 30, the treatment breaks the critical rise in insect resistance, while offering precise control of a broad variety of soil pests – including difficult-to-control pests such as the wireworm and the redlegged earth mite.

Among the key benefits Equento brings is its ability to increase the sustainability of a farm’s operations demonstrating safety for both the seed and plant, and high effectiveness at very low dose while staying insoluble or immobile in soil.

“Equento’s combination of a novel mode of action, broad spectrum pest control, as well as superior seed and crop safety reflects Syngenta’s commitment to innovation,” said Jonathan Brown, global head of Syngenta Seedcare.