MOROCCO – SunCrops Sales and Procurement Manager, German Perez has highlighted the company’s proactive preparations to expand sales in European and New Asian markets amidst looming challenges in water management, logistics, and packaging.

“Our Moroccan blueberry season is set to commence by the end of December. Despite past hurdles, we’re readying ourselves for a promising season, drawing insights from previous years to ensure a more consistent production,” Perez underlines.

The foremost challenge ahead, Perez notes, revolves around water management, particularly critical for blueberries’ growth.

“Ensuring consistent and adequate water supply throughout their growing season is crucial. Managing resources in arid regions like Morocco poses a significant challenge,” he explains.

Addressing logistics concerns, Perez stresses the complexities of transporting blueberries from Agadir to Casablanca. “A reliable and timely supply chain is pivotal for maintaining produce quality,” he emphasizes.

Packaging materials, especially punnets and plastic containers, pose another obstacle due to constrained access.

Perez highlights the difficulties in importing these materials into Morocco, hindering diverse packaging options.

Despite focusing primarily on the European market, SunCrops eyes new opportunities in Asia and the Middle East.

“Our strategies aim to manage potential weather variables, focusing on stable production. However, we’re actively exploring new markets due to increasing consumption trends for healthy products like blueberries,” Perez adds.

Moreover, with lower blueberry volumes expected from Peru this season, SunCrops anticipates leveraging this situation for market advantage.

“Reduced volumes from Peru present opportunities for us to strengthen our negotiation power and market share,” Perez states optimistically.

The cultivation acreage in Morocco has seen a significant rise, expanding by 800 hectares to reach a total of 4,800 hectares, aligning with the country’s goal to achieve over 100,000 tons of blueberry exports by 2030.

The insights shared during the XXVII International Blueberry Seminar, organized by Blueberries Consulting, shed light on Morocco’s growing presence in the global blueberry industry.

Participants acknowledged the country’s increasing significance, emphasizing its journey from a modest 150 hectares in 2009 to a targeted 6,000 cultivated hectares by 2030.

The seminar, hosting international speakers and fostering cooperation among industry participants, aimed to provide technical expertise and facilitate networking opportunities, further bolstering Morocco’s standing in the global blueberry market.

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