UK – The Summer Berry Company (TSBC) has signed an agreement with established Italian breeder Berrytech for the production and distribution of Amalia Rossa raspberries in the UK and Ireland.

The partnership grants TSBC the exclusive right to market Amalia Rossa (formerly BP190), grown in Portugal within the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

As part of the agreement, TSBC will also establish a minimum of 75% of Amalia Rossa’s new planting area in Portugal and may also sub-license production with third-party producers within the country.

With this collaboration, TSBC becomes Berrytech’s preferred producer and marketer of the Amalia Rossa variety.

In addition to holding, on an exclusive basis, the right to sell Amalia Rossa grown in Portugal to British and Irish retailers, TSBC will also sell Amalia Rossa grown in Portugal to European markets and the Middle East.

The variety, originally known as ‘BP190’, now named Amalia Rossa, is recognized as prolific, with great flavor and a very good shelf-life.

Its quality and color, along with its uniform size throughout the season, are exceptional traits that set it apart from other varieties.

The Atlantic coastal climate in the southwest of Portugal, where TSBC produces around 150 ha of raspberries, is optimal for the production of such high-quality variety.

João Alves, Head of Growing at TSBC Portugal, explains that he knew immediately that Amalia Rossa was a variety to produce, “Amalia Rossa was one of the many varieties we tested, and it stood out for its many qualities, so we decided to fast track its development.”

Diego Ioriatti, R&D Director & Breeding Chief at Berrytech, adds that “Amalia Rossa proved to be a game-changing variety from the very start.

“Its combination of high productivity, strong plant vigor, resistance to major raspberry diseases, and consistent fruit size, along with quality throughout the picking season, is truly exciting.

“These positive features have yet to be surpassed by any of the newer selections from Berrytech’s breeding program itself.”

With this partnership, Amalia Rossa becomes part of the variety portfolio at TSBC, a company where ESG is fundamental to its operations.

TSBC plans to further enhance the attributes of the variety by growing it within an environmentally sustainable production system, which includes water stewardship, enhanced biodiversity, zero fruit waste, and a carbon net zero objective to be achieved by 2030.

TSBC and Berrytech are already collaborating on the development of new varieties. This gives TSBC the opportunity to test new varieties and to grow and commercialize not only in Portugal but also in other territories.

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