NETHERLANDS – Staay Food Group, an independent supplier and grower of fresh fruit and vegetables has welcomed Michiel Geraedts, Venlo branch manager to the group management board, as Dammis van der Staay, a stalwart at 70, transitions to an advisory role.

This notable changes in the group’s management structure solidifies a strategic move towards rejuvenation and the infusion of fresh perspectives.

Michiel Geraedts, who has successfully reorganized the Venlo branch over the past two years, now takes on a broader role as a member of the group management board.

Geraedts expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I am very proud of what we have realized with our team in Venlo and look forward to my role in the group management of Staay Food Group with great ambition and good sense.” Notably, he will continue to serve as the branch manager of Staay Food Group in Venlo.

In tandem with Geraedts’ ascent, Dammis van der Staay, with decades of service to the company, is stepping down from the management board to embrace an advisory role.

Van der Staay, reflecting on the transition, remarked, As of now, the group management comprises Matthijs Vlasblom, Rien Panneman, Michiel Geraedts, Wim van der Staay, Joop Vernooij, and Dammis van der Staay, showcasing a blend of seasoned leaders and fresh perspectives steering the company into its next phase.

Nomination for 2024 Fruit Logistica innovation award

Meanwhile, in another exciting development, Staay Food Group’s Exceed mini watermelon has earned a nomination for the prestigious 2024 Fruit Logistica Innovation Award.

This recognition is a testament to the successful collaboration between Staay Food Group and Hazera, demonstrating their commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable products to the market.

Mark Loojenga, Marketing Manager at Staay Food Group, highlighted the unique qualities of the Exceed watermelon that led to its nomination. “The Exceed watermelon is a durable and eco-friendly variety, with strong resistance to diseases like powdery mildew, multiple harvests, and extended shelf life. It requires less fungicides and significantly less water than traditional watermelons, contributing to reduced food waste.”

Michal Taraska, Global Value Chain Lead at Hazera, emphasized the importance of the partnership with Staay Food Group in bringing innovative products to market. “Staay is a strong and dynamic partner, key for successfully introducing a new product. We provide the best seeds, but with Staay Food Group, we’ve found the driver.”

The Exceed mini watermelon’s premier release for the European market will take place at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, where Staay Food Group will showcase its diverse range of products, including exclusive club varieties of colored pears and hydroponic lettuces.

The award winner will be announced at the prize-giving ceremony on February 9, 2024, affirming Staay Food Group’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the fresh produce industry.

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