SPAIN – Somos Hijolusa emerges as a dominant force in the Spanish potato and horticulture sector, boasting a revenue exceeding EUR 200 million (USD 213.6 million) in 2023.

Formerly known as the Lion enterprise Potatoes Hijolusa, Alicante Agrícola Villena, and Vitorian Natuber, the conglomerate’s consolidation marks a significant milestone in its journey.

With a strategic vision aimed at expansion and solidification of its business model, Somos Hijolusa has undergone substantial modernization of its facilities and introduced innovative product lines, with investments surpassing EUR 20 million (USD 21.36 million).

This initiative, part of a meticulously crafted investment plan, underscores the group’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Central to Somos Hijolusa’s ethos are principles of guarantee, innovation, balanced nutrition, sustainability, and global engagement.

These pillars have seen substantial growth since Proa Capital, an investment fund, acquired a stake in the group.

This strategic partnership has propelled the company’s research, development, and innovation endeavors, accelerated its technological evolution, and consolidated its position as a leading national and international player.

Strategically situating its four logistics and production facilities across different regions has enabled Somos Hijolusa to expand both geographically and in terms of product range.

Beyond direct employment, the group fosters over 800 expert professionals, with women constituting 60% of its workforce.

Moreover, Somos Hijolusa remains committed to environmental protection and sustainable development across all its operations.

Looking ahead, Somos Hijolusa faces several challenges, including leveraging collaborative synergies, retaining top talent, and championing transparent support for the primary sector, where farmers play a pivotal role.

As the group navigates these challenges, it remains dedicated to its core values and steadfast in its pursuit of excellence within the agri-food industry.

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