UAE – Silal, Abu Dhabi’s leading food, agriculture, and technology company, has launched a cutting-edge automated packhouse in Al Ain, UAE.

Spanning 14,000 square meters, this facility can deliver up to 216 tons of fresh produce daily, making it the largest of its kind in the UAE.

The packhouse features advanced technology for post-harvest operations, enabling the packing of locally grown produce in under 60 seconds.

With the capacity to process 325 tons and over 180,000 packs daily, it aims to enhance efficiency and meet the increasing demands of clients. “This state-of-the-art facility will increase efficiency and reliability, meeting the ever-growing demands of our clients,” a company representative said in a LinkedIn post.

The facility includes a grading and packing area spread across 4,930 square meters. An automated system calculates the weight, dimensions, and condition of fruits and vegetables, adjusting the packing process to ensure top quality.

The packhouse is expected to handle 65% of Silal’s future crops, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability and supporting local agriculture.

Silal was established in September 2020 by ADQ as part of a strategy to diversify food sources and promote locally grown, raised, and manufactured food.

Since its inception, Silal has become a leading agri-tech food company in the UAE, dedicated to transforming UAE’s fast growing fresh produce sector.

The region’s fruits and vegetables market were valued at AED 13.6 million in 2018, with an expected growth rate of 9.93% annually from 2020 to 2025, according to Mordor Intelligence.

Dubai’s bloom market

Last year, Dubai introduced a new cool oasis for residents to purchase fruits and vegetables in bulk. The Bloom Market in the Al Aweer area, known for housing the emirate’s Central Fruit and Vegetable Market, extends over 66,000 square meters. It is the region’s largest air-conditioned fruit and vegetable market.

Dawood Al Hajri, director general of Dubai Municipality, inaugurated the Bloom Market in Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 3, just a kilometer from the Central Fruit and Vegetable Market.

The two-story facility offers modern logistical services, storage facilities, display equipment, and three restaurants. With 400 parking spaces in the basement and ample space for trucks to unload fresh produce, it provides a convenient shopping experience.

Mohammed Faraidooni, director of Markets at Dubai Municipality, highlighted that the new market has a leasable area of 7,600 square meters on the ground floor for selling fruits and vegetables, and 5,500 square meters for logistics.

Around 760 traders have been allocated stalls to operate their stores, ensuring a wide variety of produce available to customers.

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