UAE – SILAL, a global leader in agri-food diversification, and Bayer, a global leader in life sciences with a strong focus on healthcare and nutrition, have united to elevate the agricultural landscape in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The announcement of this strategic partnership was made during the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit in Dubai on December 4th, 2023, drawing the attention of key private and public sector stakeholders.

This collaboration marks a significant step towards advancing best-in-class agricultural practices, particularly in the challenging climatic conditions of the UAE, which are expected to exacerbate due to the persistent threat of climate change.

Acknowledging the critical role of agriculture in mitigating climate change and enhancing resilience, SILAL and Bayer are resolute in their dedication to fortify the agricultural sector in combating global warming.

The partnership between SILAL and Bayer aims to bolster the capabilities of local agronomists, fostering an environment conducive to agricultural innovation and excellence.

Leveraging Bayer’s BayG.A.P. capacity-building program, the collaboration will provide essential training modules on Integrated Pest Management, Safe Use of Crop Protection Products, Application Technology, and Irrigation.

This program will follow a train-the-trainer approach, initially targeting agricultural engineers and farm managers, with subsequent extension to over 300 growers within SILAL’s network across the UAE.

A pivotal aspect of this partnership is the initiation of comprehensive vegetable seed trials. These trials will encompass a diverse range of tomato, cucumber, and melon seed varieties, meticulously tested in both open field and mid-tech greenhouse setups.

With over 30 vegetable seed varieties, the trials aim to evaluate the performance of these varieties under challenging desert farming conditions, assessing their endurance, quality, and shelf-life characteristics.

The insights garnered from these trials will not only benefit agricultural practices in the UAE but will also contribute significantly to agricultural practices worldwide grappling with climate change challenges.

As global discussions on climate change take center stage at COP28 (the UNFCCC’s 28th Conference of the Parties), this partnership underscores the imperative of advancing agriculture to address climate change.

Agriculture serves as both a source of greenhouse gas emissions and a critical tool for carbon sequestration, making it a focal point in the global climate agenda.

Bayer, committed to improving healthcare and nutrition globally, views this partnership as a pivotal component of expanding its Open Innovation ecosystem.

By collaborating closely with key stakeholders, Bayer aims to amplify global food security efforts and foster innovation within the agricultural sector, while championing sustainable practices to combat climate change.

Mr. Salmeen Al Ameri, CEO at SILAL, expressed optimism about the partnership, stating, “This collaboration between SILAL and Bayer holds immense promise for the future of agriculture in the UAE.”

“By leveraging Bayer’s global expertise and our local knowledge, we aim to develop innovative solutions that will bolster the sustainability of our agricultural practices against the challenges of climate change.”

Mr. Hugo Hagen, Senior Bayer Representative – Middle East, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing, “We are excited to embark on this journey with SILAL, a partner that shares our vision for a world where hunger is eradicated, and health prevails.”

“Together, we will harness the power of innovation to support transforming agriculture in the UAE and contribute to the country’s National Food Security Strategy 2051, all while addressing the urgent global challenge of climate change.”

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