MOROCCO- Seven Seas has emerged as a key player in Morocco’s citrus market status offering promising developments for the remainder of the season.

Bill Weyland, the company’s VP of Sales, sheds light on the season’s dynamics, emphasizing the challenges posed by lower production, water scarcity, and evolving logistics.

The citrus season, spanning from November to April, commenced with Seven Seas introducing early varieties like clementines to the US market.

As the season progresses, mid-season varieties Nour and Clemenules take center stage, paving the way for the late-season Nadorcotts, set to grace shelves until April.

This year, however, the industry grapples with lower volumes due to various factors, with Weyland explaining, “Higher than usual temperatures and limited water availability have stressed the trees, impacting overall production.”

Morocco’s persistent water issues reached a critical point this year, prompting the government to impose irrigation restrictions during the growing season.

Weyland notes, “The lack of rain exacerbated the situation, resulting in lower yields and smaller-sized fruit during the early part of the season.”

Despite these challenges, supply and demand find a delicate balance this season. Weyland observes, “Citrus remains popular in winter for its vitamin C benefits, but economic conditions have impacted demand.”

The general surge in produce prices, coupled with reduced consumer spending capacity, contributes to the industry’s current demand constraints.

Logistics pose an additional hurdle this season, with Weyland highlighting the two primary shipping methods out of Morocco: containers and break-bulk ships.

Break bulk ships, known for their reliable schedules, are preferred; however, due to lower citrus volume at the season’s start, container usage became a necessity.

On a positive note, CMA and MSC now operate in Morocco, with CMA offering a new service out of Tangiers since January. Weyland expresses optimism, stating, “We hope this will better serve the citrus industry in Morocco.”

As Seven Seas navigates the challenges of the season, the company eagerly anticipates the upcoming Fruit Logistica Berlin event.

With a global presence, Seven Seas has been a stalwart participant in the event for over 15 years. Weyland looks forward to reconnecting with customers and forging new relationships at Messe Berlin from February 7 to 9.

The diverse team on-site will represent various regions, including the US, South America, and South Africa, showcasing Seven Seas’ commitment to providing year-round citrus supply to destinations worldwide.

Visit Tom Lange and the Seven Seas team at Hall 23, booth A-04, as they share insights and innovations shaping the global citrus landscape.

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