TUNISIA – SanLucar, a leading global producer of tomatoes and berries, has received the Environmental Impact Award 2024 from the Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Tunisia.

The award recognizes the company’s significant contributions to economic growth and sustainable development in Tunisia.

The award was presented by Samir Majoul, president of the Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade, and Crafts (UTICA), during the Tunis Investment Forum held in Gammarth. Walid Kalboussi, SanLucar’s country manager for Tunisia, accepted the award, highlighting the company’s dedication to minimizing its environmental footprint.

“Since opening our first farm in El Hamma in 2008, SanLucar has expanded its operations to Alia in Bizerte and Limaoua in Gabès for the production of strawberries and blueberries,” Kalboussi stated.

He emphasized that SanLucar’s development in Tunisia has always prioritized sustainable practices. “We focus on controlling our environmental impact through various measures, such as digitization, new technologies for efficient natural resource use, and integrated biological pest control.”

SanLucar’s farms in Tunisia benefit from exceptional light conditions and geothermal water heating, allowing the company to grow tomatoes during the winter.

These innovative methods have set a benchmark for sustainable agricultural practices in the region. The company employs advanced technologies to optimize water usage, crucial in a region where water scarcity is a significant concern.

Additionally, SanLucar uses sustainable crop varieties adapted to Tunisia’s climate, further reducing their environmental impact.

The company has also made strides in biological pest control, reducing the need for chemical pesticides and promoting a healthier ecosystem.

These efforts demonstrate SanLucar’s commitment to integrating sustainability into every aspect of their operations.

Beyond environmental efforts, SanLucar actively contributes to the social fabric of the communities surrounding its farms.

The company has launched several projects aimed at improving the lives of residents and its employees. One notable initiative focuses on enhancing the employability of young Tunisians through vocational training in agriculture.

This project not only provides essential skills but also helps address the high unemployment rates among the youth in rural areas.

Kalboussi mentioned the positive impact on Tunisia’s trade balance, highlighting how local subsidiaries benefit from SanLucar’s agronomic expertise and the global recognition of its brand.

This synergy has bolstered the country’s agricultural sector, created jobs and drove economic growth.

The Environmental Impact Award is the latest in a series of accolades SanLucar has received in Tunisia.

The company has previously been honored with the Social Progress Award, the Partnership Agricultural Investment Award, and the Hannon Prize for its responsible investment in the country.

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