UK – British supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has unveiled its intentions to shift its in-house mushroom punnet packaging from plastic to a more sustainable cardboard alternative.

This shift is anticipated to avert the production of over 775 tons of plastic annually, accounting for more than 52 million individual plastic pieces each year.

This transition will encompass all 13 varieties of Sainsbury’s own-brand mushrooms, encompassing closed cup, whole baby button, organic, and chestnut, slated for completion by month’s end.

Alongside the cardboard punnets, the accompanying film packaging will also be made recyclable at Sainsbury’s flexible plastics recycling points, accessible in all of the chain’s supermarkets.

This initiative aligns with the supermarket giant’s broader commitment to champion sustainability throughout its operations.

Sainsbury’s proudly asserts its status as the inaugural UK supermarket implementing this widespread change across all stores.

Notably, its ‘bySainsbury’s’ and ‘SO Organic’ mushrooms are already available in the sustainable cardboard packaging format.

Claire Hughes, Sainsbury’s Product and Innovation Director, expressed, “Aligned with our Plan for Better commitments, we aim to diminish plastic packaging within our in-house product ranges.”

According to Hughes, the introduction of cardboard punnets for their own-brand mushrooms exemplifies their dedication to forging a healthier, more sustainable future.

“It underscores our ongoing pursuit of innovative packaging solutions, striving to curtail and supplant plastic wherever feasible,” he said.

Shoppers can currently purchase bySainsbury’s and SO Organic mushrooms in cardboard punnets in all stores and online, and the change will affect Taste the Difference lines by the end of January.

The film packaging can still be recycled at one of Sainsbury’s front-of-store flexible plastics recycling points, the supermarket added.

This strategic move is estimated to conserve approximately 485 tons of plastic per annum, as reported by the company.

Last October Sainsbury alongside established fresh fruit supplier Chingford Fruit Ltd, launched the latest version of the sustainable “Pro-Produce Pack” for their premium “Taste the Difference” Gold Kiwi. 

The solution incorporates linerless pack and a die-cut lid offering increased product show-through and ventilation.

Since its initial launch in 2020, the plastic-free Linerless pack concept for Fresh Produce packaging has been well received by consumers.

Online reviews have been particularly positive, with customers commenting with satisfaction at the opportunity to recycle the pack at home by the kerbside. Feedback also confirmed the packs success in protecting fruit during transit.

Sainsbury’s & Chingford Fruit were enthusiastic at the opportunity to offer a sustainable solution to customers, with the new benefit of extra visibility of appeal.

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