US – Sage Fruit Co., a prominent player in the fruit industry, has announced the appointment of Nicole Gordy as its new CEO.

This strategic move follows the transition of Steve Clement, the former CEO, who is set to assume the role of CEO at PNW Tree Fruit.

The reshuffling of leadership aims to leverage the strengths of both organizations for enhanced growth and operational excellence.

PNW Tree Fruit, which owns 6,000 acres of orchards and cutting-edge packing facilities, including Legacy Fruit Packers, Chelan Fruit, and Manson Fruit, represents a significant player in the industry.

Clement expressed his enthusiasm for the new role, highlighting the impressive assets of PNW Tree Fruit in a recent statement.

“PNW Tree Fruit has assembled an impressive array of assets, including state-of-the-art packing facilities and the most modern orchard systems available today,” remarked Clement.

“I am really excited to join this exceptional team as we strive for excellence in growing, packing, and delivering fruit.”

In the wake of these changes, Clement is poised to become the chairman of the board at Sage Fruit, signifying a continued commitment to the company’s growth and success.

Nicole Gordy, the newly appointed CEO, brings a wealth of experience to her role, having previously served as the company’s director of business analytics.

Expressing her excitement, Gordy stated, “I am extremely excited and humbled by the opportunity to serve as the CEO of Sage Fruit. Steve Clement’s leadership and mentorship have prepared me for this role, and I look forward to working with him in his capacity as chairman of the Sage Fruit board.”

Gordy emphasized her commitment to strengthening Sage Fruit’s position in the industry, particularly by aligning sales with warehouses and growers.

She looks forward to collaborating closely with the existing team to foster growth and uphold the company’s mission to create value for customers, growers, and employees.

Reflecting on his 18-year tenure at the helm of Sage Fruit, Clement expressed pride in the accomplishments of the company.

He highlighted the close collaboration between the sales and warehouse teams, emphasizing their dedication to quality fruit and strong relationships with growers and customers.

“I am immensely proud of what we have built at Sage Fruit Company. The sales and warehouse teams associated with Sage operate in close synergy,” said Clement.

“Our teams work closely together and deeply care about each other, our growers, and our customers,”

As the leadership baton is passed, Sage Fruit Co. anticipates continued growth and success under the guidance of its new CEO, Nicole Gordy, and the valuable contribution of Steve Clement in his role as chairman of the board.

The seamless collaboration between Sage Fruit and PNW Tree Fruit is expected to fortify both organizations’ positions in the dynamic fruit industry.

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