AUSTRALIA – In an official announcement, Potatoes Australia Ltd. has appointed Robbie Davis as the Ambassador for the highly anticipated World Potato Congress 2024, scheduled to take place in Adelaide from June 23 to 26.

Renowned for her distinguished contributions to the Australian potato industry and agribusiness, Davis’s appointment is expected to bring a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the prestigious event.

Having served in various capacities, including as the former CEO of Potatoes South Australia, Davis is recognized for her outstanding dedication and leadership within the potato sector.

A recent press release commended her significant contributions to the industry’s growth and development, citing her deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the potato community.

In response to her appointment, Davis expressed her gratitude and commitment to promoting the World Potato Congress 2024 on a global scale.

“I am honored to be appointed as the Ambassador for the World Potato Congress 2024 in Adelaide. This Congress represents a unique opportunity for the global potato community to come together, share knowledge, and address the challenges facing the industry,” she stated.

“I am committed to promoting the importance of this event and encouraging widespread participation. Together, we can make the World Potato Congress 2024 a resounding success.”

The 12th World Potato Congress in Adelaide marks a significant milestone for the global potato industry, aiming to showcase the brilliance of the Australian potato sector and promote potatoes as a compelling, health-conscious, and nutritious food option nationally and internationally.

With the theme “Old World Meets New,” the Congress reflects on the long history of potatoes as a staple food, the innovation and technology in their production, and investments in research and development.

Emphasizing global shifts in population dynamics, culture, climate, food security, and sustainability, the event aims to serve as a platform for exchanging insights, innovations, and industry trends throughout the global supply chain.

Addressing the broader impact of the Congress, Davis highlighted its role in fostering international commerce and advocating for changes in agrifood systems to ensure food availability for vulnerable populations worldwide.

The event is positioned as a unique opportunity to enhance industry sustainability, productivity, and collaboration.

As the Ambassador for the World Potato Congress 2024, Robbie Davis’s role will be instrumental in driving global awareness and participation in this pivotal event, setting the stage for a successful gathering of the global potato community in Adelaide.

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