US – ProducePay, a leading agtech company dedicated to transforming the global agricultural industry, has introduced a Visibility solution aimed at providing fresh produce marketers and retailers with unparalleled transparency throughout the supply chain.

This innovative solution ensures the delivery of high-quality produce while significantly reducing rejection rates, ultimately combating food waste and bolstering grower economic stability.

The newly launched Visibility solution represents a crucial addition to ProducePay’s Predictable Commerce Programs, leveraging cutting-edge technology and on-the-ground agronomists to offer growers and buyers greater control amid the challenges of an increasingly volatile fresh produce supply chain.

Buyers now have access to real-time monitoring and management of produce shipments, facilitated through a centralized digital dashboard on ProducePay’s platform.

This comprehensive tool provides detailed insights into produce quality, quantity, shipment status, and more, ensuring that deliveries meet specifications and deadlines, thus minimizing rejection rates and maximizing economic efficiency.

Patrick McCullough, CEO of ProducePay, emphasized the transformative impact of the Visibility solution, stating, “Delivering high-quality produce across global supply chains is fraught with challenges… more predictability means more profitability.”

“By giving total visibility into quality and orders from farm to final destination, we’re bringing retailers surety of supply, empowering marketers to fulfill their commitments, and giving growers greater confidence in their produce.”

Support for ProducePay’s innovative technology comes from industry veterans like Tony Fadell, Principal at Build Collective, who highlighted its potential to combat food waste while providing financial stability to growers.

Fadell remarked, “ProducePay assesses, and tracks produce from the field to the store, giving farmers credibility and buyers the quality assurance they value… More profits for farmers and retailers are a win-win-win for farmers, retailers, people that want fresh fruit and vegetables, and our planet.”

The efficacy of ProducePay’s Visibility solution was demonstrated in a pilot program with Four Star Fruit, one of the world’s largest growers and distributors of table grapes.

Leveraging this technology, the partnership achieved an unprecedented reduction in rejection rates, leading to enhanced transparency and confidence for retailers.

Jack Campbell, CEO of Four-Star Fruit, expressed satisfaction with the results, stating, “We’ve never experienced such a high level of quality assurance before… Empowering retail partners with enhanced transparency is crucial for ensuring year-round supply of top-quality produce.”

Since its inception, ProducePay has facilitated over USD 10 billion worth of fresh produce trade across 64 commodities and 20 countries.

In 2024, the company is projected to finance more than USD 2 billion in fresh produce transactions, cementing its position as a key player in the agricultural industry.

ProducePay’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has earned it recognition from prestigious organizations such as the World Economic Forum, Fast Company, Inc. 5000, and World Finance magazine.

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