MOROCCO – Port International, a Hamburg-based importer of fruits and vegetables, has expanded its Exclusive Partner Program through a new collaboration with Moroccan producer Karam Green Agri.

Karam Green Agri, located in Morocco’s Agadir region, is known for its high-quality vegetable production, specifically tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, cucumbers, cocktail tomatoes, and Baby Plum cherry tomatoes. These products will be exclusively supplied to Port International.

The agricultural company cultivates around 287 hectares along the Atlantic coast, a location that provides ideal conditions for growing top-tier vegetables.

Karam Green Agri employs over 1,600 people committed to sustainable production, utilizing hydroponics and advanced tunnel facilities to minimize pesticide use.

A nearby desalination plant provides over 35% of the company’s water needs. Together, Port International and Karam Green Agri plan to expand production by 60 to 80 hectares annually.

André Lüling, Managing Director of Port International European Sourcing, expressed optimism about the partnership: “Our collaboration with Karam Green Agri has significantly improved our performance in quality and availability. The partnership allows us to offer top-notch products to our customers across Europe.”

Jakob Lorenzen, a tomato expert at Port International, added: “The state-of-the-art packaging facility at Karam Green Agri allows us to package products directly at the site of cultivation, meeting strict retail specifications. This ensures optimal freshness and quality for our retail partners and their customers.”

Port International’s Exclusive Partner Program optimizes sales processes by establishing direct and transparent relationships between the retail food industry and producers of fruits and vegetables. This relationship ensures an efficient and reliable supply chain up to supermarket shelves.

Vegetable prices fall in Morocco

Port International enters Morocco at an ideal season where vegetable prices have seen a notable decrease, much to the relief of consumers.

Muhammad Al-Alawi, a professional in the field, confirmed this trend, indicating that various vegetables now cost between 3 to 5 dirhams per kilo, except for peas.

He expressed satisfaction with the new prices, stating, “The prices of vegetables, including tomatoes and potatoes, are now affordable after several months of inflation.”

Recent rainfall across the nation may lead to further reductions in vegetable prices. Potatoes and onions now range from 3 to 6 dirhams per kilo, tomatoes and carrots are around 5 to 6 dirhams per kilo, and eggplant, cucumber, and green squash range from 6 to 9 dirhams per kilo. Peas are an exception, with prices between 8 to 12 dirhams per kilo.

The decrease in prices follows a period of inflation and may be attributed to recent climate conditions and economic factors. This shift offers consumers more accessible options for purchasing vegetables.

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