COLOMBIA – Maersk, a key player in global logistics, forged meaningful connections and showcased its commitment to revolutionizing the Colombian avocado market through innovative logistics solutions during the Territorio Aguacate event.

According to Maersk, participating in the dynamic event in Medellin, Colombia, was more than an engagement – it was an opportunity to immerse itself in the vibrant atmosphere of the two-day gathering in November, establishing robust connections within the Colombian avocado market.

The event served as a cornerstone for Maersk, enabling its team of experts to actively engage with industry members, solidifying the company’s identity as a trusted logistics integrator and growth partner.

“We recognize the need to identify and address the unique requirements of Colombian avocado exports,” expressed a Maersk representative. “Our collaboration with the market positions Maersk not just as a service provider but as a strategic partner invested in our customers’ success.”

Emphasizing their dedication to the growth of the Colombian avocado community, Maersk showcased tailored logistics solutions at Territorio Aguacate.

Their focus spanned facilitating efficient transportation via air, ocean, or land, optimizing supply chain processes, and contributing to sustainability efforts to empower partners in a competitive market.

During the event, testimonials from strategic allies like Frutty Green’s General Manager, Ricardo Mejia, and Baika Fruit’s Country Manager, Sergio Plata, highlighted Maersk’s instrumental role in ensuring top-quality fruit delivery across Europe.

“Our partnership with Maersk enables us to reach all destinations in Europe with great quality, service, and cutting-edge controlled atmosphere technology,” stated Mejia.

Plata added, “Through Maersk, we found an operational ally to develop our export process, ensuring the fruit ripens correctly and provides satisfaction to both the destination and origin customers.”

In addition to maritime services, the discourse at Territorio Aguacate highlighted the growing importance of air transport for perishable goods like avocados.

Maersk’s Air Freight service emerged as a swift and reliable solution, extending the sales cycle and ensuring timely deliveries while reducing inventory costs.

Moreover, Maersk showcased its commitment to sustainability, with Alexis Rodriguez, Regional Head of Energy Transition Execution, Maersk Latin America, presenting insights into environmentally responsible logistics solutions.

Rodriguez emphasized Maersk’s role in reducing carbon footprints, aligning with customers to achieve sustainability goals.

In summary, Maersk’s collaboration at Territorio Aguacate 2023 underscored its commitment to strong connections, customer-focused solutions, and robust partnerships within the Colombian avocado industry.

As the logistics landscape evolves, Maersk remains dedicated to contributing to the ongoing and future success of the industries it serves, striving to be an essential partner that goes above and beyond.

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