GLOBAL – Netherlands’ innovative hybrid potato breeder, Solynta, has officially appointed Peter Poortinga as the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

Solynta leads the potato breeding world with innovative hybrid potato breeding technology, unlocking the true potential of fresh produce and enhancing the availability of its nutritional value through new hybrid potato varieties.

Poortinga will be succeeding Hein Kruyt, who co-founded Solynta in 2007 and will continue to serve as its CFO.

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Peter in his role as Chair of our Supervisory Board over the last year and a half, and I am certain that Peter’s experience will enhance Solynta’s scaling capabilities and help us achieve our vision for a more sustainable future,” announced Hein Kruyt during the handover.

According to Kruyt, Poortinga’s remarkable track record in the agriculture and food industry as an entrepreneur cannot be overstated.

His previous role as the CEO of Plukon Food Group enabled him to successfully expand the company into a thriving USD32.04 billion multinational enterprise, establishing it as an industry leader.

Additionally, Poortinga brings subject matter knowledge as he studied agronomy at Wageningen University with a focus on potato science.

Kruyt expressed his excitement in bringing Poortinga on board and working closely together in this new chapter of the company.

Poortinga’s appointment comes as the company expands its presence in global markets with the introduction of its hybrid true potato seed.

“I am convinced that the technology developed by Solynta is the future of potatoes – for consumers, farmers, processors, and the planet,” expressed Poortinga.

According to him, Solynta’s mission to make a positive contribution to farmer economics and world food security is one he fully agrees with.

The progress they have made in delivering potato varieties with natural protection against pests and diseases proves their commitment to this vision.

“I am looking forward to working with Hein and the team and contributing to Solynta’s future as the leading potato seed innovation company.” “Together, we will empower the potato value chain with new, robust potato varieties,” Poortinga concluded.

The appointment of Peter Poortinga as CEO brings changes to the Supervisory Board.

Juergen Steinemann, the current member of the Supervisory Board, will assume the role of Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Solynta.

Juergen’s accomplishments are numerous, thanks to his outstanding expertise in the agriculture and food industry.

His previous executive roles were at Nutreco and Barry Callebaut, and he currently sits on the Supervisory Boards of Metro AG, Lonza Group AG, Big Dutchman, and Barentz.

“Solynta has entered the next phase of growth. After its breakthrough discovery in potato breeding, the company is now on its way to achieving commercial impact and becoming a leading potato breeding company in the world,” remarked Juergen Steinemann, the new Supervisory Board Chair.

He expressed his excitement for the new role, adding that Hein and the team have been developing Solynta since 2007 with the goal of scaling up the company and commercializing its first products.

“The Supervisory Board thanks Hein for his leadership and looks forward to his continued support to the team as CFO, a role he previously held at various companies before his current position. Peter’s election as CEO will help the company to grow further, mainly thanks to the experience and knowledge he brings from his previous role at Plukon Food Group,” he said.

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