PERU – Peruvian avocado exports have surged despite weather challenges in 2023, with the sector witnessing a remarkable 79% increase in shipments during the initial two months of 2024.

According to Sierra y Selva Exportadora, a branch of Peru’s Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (MIDAGRI), a total of 36,360 tons of avocados were dispatched to international markets, fetching a revenue of USD 75.4 million. This surge represents a substantial 73% uptick compared to the previous year.

The Peruvian avocado trade extended its reach to 13 different markets, with significant volumes being shipped to destinations such as the Netherlands, China, Spain, Chile, and Hong Kong.

Notably, the European logistics hub, the Netherlands, accounted for 37% of the total volume, followed by China with 20%, Spain with 15%, Chile with 9%, and Hong Kong with 8%.

Capitalizing on its distinct seasonality, which spans from May to August, Peru has positioned itself as a key player in the global avocado market.

This timeframe strategically complements the export season of Mexico, which predominantly spans from August to May.

The increasing demand for Peruvian avocados has been witnessed particularly in Asian markets, with China experiencing a remarkable 112% growth in shipments over the past five years.

Despite the promising outlook, the 2024 Hass Avocado campaign in Peru has been challenged by adverse weather conditions, notably high temperatures and rainfall.

Juan Carlos Paredes Rosales, President of the Association of Hass Avocado Producers of Peru (ProHass), highlighted the significant impact of these conditions on the country’s avocado production.

Under normal circumstances, Peru could have exported up to 700,000 tons of avocados. However, due to reduced fruit presence on trees and the production of smaller sizes in key regions like Trujillo and Chiclayo, export volumes are expected to decline by 20 to 25%.

Paredes expressed concerns stating, “This year we should ship about 468,000 tons, which would be a 16% drop compared to last year. Unfavorable weather conditions coupled with the lack of expansion in new areas will continue to impact export figures.”

Looking ahead, Peruvian avocados are projected to maintain a premium position in the U.S market through June 2024, leveraging their distinctive export seasonality.

Despite facing challenges, Peru’s avocado sector remains resilient, poised to navigate through adversities and sustain its position as a significant player in the global market.

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