MOROCCO – Salix Fruits, a US-based leading import-export company of fresh fruits, is set to fortify its collaboration with citrus producers in Morocco over a corporate visit to the Kingdom.

Vince Biasibetti, executive sales for the US at Salix Fruits, visited the kingdom to examine the Moroccan citrus season, particularly mandarins and oranges.

The main goal of his visit was to strengthen connections with growers and gain a deeper understanding of their operations and farms.

It also aimed to secure sufficient volume for programs with US clients and explore trading opportunities, enhancing its market presence.

Despite the severe drought in Morocco resulting in a reduction of production from 766,500 tons in 2021/22 to 450,000 tons exported in 2022/23, production will probably partially recover this season, mentioned the EuroFruit

The offering will focus on smaller-sized fruits, particularly mandarins and oranges, explained Biasibetti, due to the impact of drought on farms in Marrakech and Beni Mellal.

The Produce News reported that the visit was a chance to explore new business opportunities and learn about lesser-known varieties for the American market.

“Tracking the implementation of this program with our suppliers is also an important factor in our visit to production sites,” added Biasibetti regarding the FDA’s Foreign Supplier Verification Programme, aimed at ensuring that foreign food and beverages meet the same safety standards as US-based companies.

Salix Fruits fortifies global presence with inauguration of new office in Singapore

In another parallel development, Salix Fruits has opened its newest office in Singapore, marking a significant strategic move to enhance its presence in the Asian markets.

“Having a local office is the most effective way to stay close to our customers in the Asian markets and unleash our full potential in this region,” said Javier Orti, sales manager.

The company’s goal is to ensure enhanced personal engagement with clients, swift market opportunity assessments and ultimately boost sales volumes.

Additionally, Salix aims to provide increased value to its producers by gaining deeper insights into these markets.

Its entry into Singapore’s import and export market is poised to influence the region’s fresh fruit trade. “The establishment of this office demonstrates a commitment to meeting diverse market demands and forging stronger commercial ties within the region,” says Orti.

“The Singapore market offers abundant opportunities for those who comprehend the specificities required for each product.”

With a local presence, Salix aims to address customer requirements promptly and efficiently. Singapore’s strategic location as a regional hub allows quick access to key markets.

“While we are familiar with these markets, each country within the region presents unique challenges in terms of purchasing power, import requirements, and varying product demands,” notes Orti.

The strategy involves leveraging established client bases for accelerated growth while expanding operations in other markets.

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