US – Global marketer and grower Oppy has unveiled its strategic collaboration with table grape specialist Sun Grape USA, resulting in the establishment of Sun Grape California, a new entity under the Oppy umbrella.

The joint venture aims to redefine excellence in the grape category by consolidating and ensuring a consistent supply of high-quality grapes.

Oppy President and Chief Operating Officer, David Smith, expresses the significance of this partnership, stating, “Oppy has aspired to become a California grape grower for a very long time. This announcement materializes a dream partnership for the firm, as the exceptional quality and excellence displayed in Sun Grape’s farming operations deeply resonate with our values.”

Highlighting the shared commitment to delivering top-notch produce, Smith emphasizes the collaborative journey ahead.

He notes, “Together we embark on a journey that not only celebrates the art of grape cultivation but reflects our shared commitment to delivering the finest produce.”

Sun Grape brings over three decades of farming expertise from California’s San Joaquin Valley to the partnership.

Leveraging Oppy’s status as a top grape importer, Sun Grape’s nearly 1,500 acres of land in California will contribute to Oppy’s year-round grape supply. New acreage from San Joaquin Valley is expected to be introduced by mid-2023.

The joint venture encompasses both Sun Grape’s marketing and farming divisions, offering expertise in development, daily operations, packing, cold storage, variety testing, and sustainability services.

The partnership, effective since February 6, anticipates shipping products to the market in early July from their new cold storage facility and offices in Delano.

As part of this collaboration, Sun Grape’s location in Montreal, Quebec, will be integrated into Oppy’s extensive sales network across North and South America and Asia, further expanding their market presence.

In a bid to address the evolving needs of the market, Oppy, in collaboration with UP Vertical Farms, an indoor grower of local leafy greens in Pitt Meadows, BC, introduces a new top seal pack.

This packaging, designed to prioritize sustainability, freshness, and an enhanced eating experience, aligns with the companies’ commitment to providing consumers with confidence in their products.

Bahram Rashti, CEO of UP Vertical Farms, expresses pride in the new packaging, stating, “We want shoppers to know that our greens are Canadian, aligning with their values of supporting homegrown products.”

The peel-and-reseal feature of the new top seal pack ensures a consistently fresh product, extending its shelf life.

Set to hit stores in mid-December, just in time for the holiday season, the top seal pack will be available in a variety of blends under different brands, including Liven UP, Toss UP, Stand UP, UP and Away, Power UP, and Crunch UP.

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