UK – The National Farmers Union (NFU) has welcomed Tom Bradshaw, an accomplished arable farmer from Essex, as the new president representing over 46,000 farmers and growers across England and Wales.

Bradshaw brings a wealth of experience to his new role, having served in various capacities within the NFU officeholder team for the past four years, including as vice president and deputy president.

Upon his election, Bradshaw expressed his deep honor and commitment to the NFU members: “It is a deep honor to be elected president of the NFU, and the 46,000 members we represent will be my absolute focus as I lead this superb organization.”

His priorities revolve around ensuring profitable production and providing stability and clarity for NFU members to plan and reinvest in their farming and growing businesses.

Bradshaw emphasized that this focus is crucial for delivering sustainable, high-quality, and high-welfare food for the country.

Looking ahead, especially with a general election on the horizon, he stressed the need for a plan to support home-grown food.

He also emphasized the importance of close connections with NFU members on the ground, stating, “My message to our membership is simple: this is your organization. We need to hear your views and we need your input. United we are a powerful voice.”

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the agriculture sector in England and Wales, Bradshaw sees this period as one of great opportunity, with the NFU positioned at the heart of delivering results for its members.

David Exwood, elected as deputy president, expressed his pride in representing the British farming industry over the past two years and looks forward to building on this work.

With a general election on the horizon and the ongoing transition from direct payments, he stressed the essential role of farmers in producing climate-friendly food, contributing to rural economies, and acting as caretakers of the countryside.

Rachel Hallos, the newly appointed vice president, expressed her pride and gratitude for the opportunity to represent Britain’s farmers.

She emphasized the importance of rebuilding profitability in the sector, allowing for investment in resilient businesses that can continue producing nutritious food for the nation.

Hallos looks forward to collaborating with Bradshaw and Exwood to navigate the industry through times of significant change over the next two years.

In closing, Bradshaw thanked the outgoing president, Minette Batters, for her dedicated service, acknowledging her role in achieving outstanding successes for the NFU.

As the NFU prepares to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, the new leadership team is poised to lead the way with a focus on sustainability, member engagement, and the future of British agriculture.

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