SPAIN – AMFresh has launched an exclusive new pumpkin-shaped mandarin in time for the Halloween celebration on 31 October in Spain and UK.

The innovative fresh fruit, developed by the group’s Genesis Innovation team Halloweena, is an easy peeler with a multi-colour skin with a sweet and virtually seedless pulp.

“Halloweena is a unique high quality mandarin variety that resembles a pumpkin, what makes it ideal as a healthy snack for the Halloween celebrations,” David Alba, CEO of Genesis Innovation, commented.

“It is a new magical addition to the world of citrus and true testament to our commitment to deliver innovative varieties to the market to excite shoppers, drive category novelty and bolster growth.”

AMFresh said volumes are “exceptionally limited” in this first year of production and will be available exclusively in the UK and Spanish markets.

Halloweena’s debut coincides with the continued exponential growth in global expenditure on Halloween-related goods and events.

In the US alone, consumer spend on the festival is expected to surpass a record USD 12.2 billion according to National Retail Federation’s 2023 annual survey conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics.

Meanwhile, Halloween enthusiasts in the UK will be delighted to know that Tesco is reporting a bountiful crop of larger pumpkins for this year’s festival, despite the unpredictable summer weather.

In an earlier report, the supermarket expects to see strong consumer demand, as this season’s crop will be available for sale starting this week.

“This year we have six different sizes and based on last year’s demand; the carving variety is still the most popular. Each of the six different size categories will be larger than usual this year so fans will get value for money,” said Lucy Moss Pumpkin wholesale buyer and supplier.

Tesco’s range this year includes standard-sized carving pumpkins, culinary pumpkins, munchkin pumpkins, large pumpkins, giant pumpkins, and novelty pumpkins.

Oakley Farms, located near Wisbech in Cambridgeshire, is one of Europe’s largest pumpkin suppliers, cultivating approximately five million pumpkins annually.

The farm’s commercial manager, Steve Whitworth, said that they had a successful pumpkin growing season this summer. They experienced a hot June, which greatly benefited the plants.

“The rainy months of July and August may not have been ideal for sun lovers or BBQ enthusiasts, but from a growing perspective for pumpkins, it was perfect,” Steve said.

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