ITALY – Field tests conducted by Lorenzini Naturamica an Italian industry leader in agriculture, reveal that Arrigoni Lirsa agrofilms enhance melon yields by improving temperature control and reducing water usage.

Melon growers have long faced challenges from high summer temperatures and pests. Recent tests on the fields of OP Lorenzini Naturamica and Azienda Agricola Malavasi confirm that Arrigoni Lirsa agrofilms effectively tackle these issues.

These films help control temperature, increase yields, reduce water consumption, and ensure earlier crop ripening.

“Arrigoni’s solutions for the fruit and vegetable sector, particularly for melon farmers, aim to enhance microclimate conditions. This results in reduced water use and decreased reliance on man-made substances,” said Arrigoni agronomist Giuliano Giotta. He added that improved photosynthesis leads to faster ripening and better fruit quality.

Benefits of advanced agrofilms

Arrigoni’s Lirsa agrofilms, including Lirsalux, Sanalux, and TraTec, were put to the test with promising results.

Cristiano Lorenzini of OP Lorenzini Naturamica explained, “Using Arrigoni Lirsa agrofilms, we managed to meet the conflicting needs of melon plants—providing more heat for early transplants while preventing scorching for late ones. This reduced plant stress, resulting in more uniform output and improved fruit quality over a long crop cycle.”

Lirsalux and TraTec films offer high thermal insulation, making them suitable for early cropping and reducing frost damage.

These films protect crops like melons and watermelons from cold weather. For late summer crops, Sanalux low tunnel film is ideal as it reduces NIR radiation, keeping tunnel temperatures lower.

This creates a healthier growing environment during the hottest months of June and July. Additionally, photoselective white-green mulching further optimizes conditions for high-temperature crops.

Sustainable and innovative solutions

Arrigoni’s product range also includes Prisma® and Robuxta® screens, which are well-suited to melon crops.

Prisma screens, with LD-Light Diffusion additives, ensure uniform light distribution, while Robuxta nets provide high abrasion resistance and can be automated for remote operation based on weather conditions.

Arrigoni also offers mulching films under the Lirsa brand, which significantly enhance plant growth and crop quality.

New color combinations of these films are currently being tested, showing promising results in terms of earlier cropping due to increased root temperature.

In line with sustainability goals, Arrigoni’s Ecoplast biodegradable mulching films are particularly popular.

These films can be disposed of in the field without leaving residues, offering cost savings and reduced labor requirements during production.

GreenTech showcase

Arrigoni will present these innovative solutions at GreenTech in Amsterdam from June 11 to 13, 2024.

Attendees can visit stand 345 in hall 01 to explore the company’s wide range of products, including Lirsa agrofilms, heat-reflecting screens, mulching films, and high-ventilation anti-insect lines.

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