CANADA – Nature’s Touch, a prominent frozen fruit manufacturer, has announced the acquisition of specific assets belonging to Sunrise Growers, a part of SunOpta Inc.’s frozen fruit operations.

Founded in 2004, Nature’s Touch boasts freezing and packaging facilities in Canada and the United States, and this acquisition stands as a pivotal moment in the company’s trajectory.

Nature’s Touch’s mission to deliver high-quality and diverse frozen food offerings receives a significant boost through this acquisition.

By integrating Sunrise Growers’ frozen fruit operations, Nature’s Touch aims to enhance its capacity, efficiency, and product diversity.

More importantly, this strategic move underscores Nature’s Touch’s unwavering commitment to globally standardizing food safety in the frozen fruit retail category.

Recent investments, including the establishment of a new facility in Virginia, highlight Nature’s Touch’s dedication to its strategic objectives.

The acquisition of Sunrise Growers not only fortifies its market presence but also places Nature’s Touch in a unique position.

With an extensive network of freezing and distribution spanning North America, the company is poised to offer unparalleled value to customers and stakeholders.

Nature’s Touch’s CEO, John Tentomas, emphasized the profound impact of this acquisition, viewing it as more than just a business transaction.

He described it as a deliberate step towards a future characterized by integration, innovation, and impact.

By incorporating Sunrise Growers’ frozen fruit operations, Nature’s Touch is not merely expanding its business but redefining the standards of excellence within the industry.

“This acquisition puts us in the unique position of providing North American consumers with the most expansive network of freezing and distribution on the continent. Together, our combined strengths will propel us to new heights, quicker and with renewed vigor,” stated Tentomas, encapsulating the transformative potential of this strategic alliance.

SunOpta is a U.S.-based, global pioneer fueling the future of sustainable, plant-based food and beverages.

Founded nearly 50 years ago, it manufactures natural, organic and specialty products sold through retail and foodservice channels.

SunOpta operates as a manufacturer for leading natural and private label brands, and also proudly produces its own brands, including SOWN, Dream, and West Life.

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