KENYA – Naivas Supermarket, Kenya’s leading supermarket chain, has further solidified its position in the market with the opening of its 102nd outlet located on Mwanzi Road in Westlands, Nairobi.

The new outlet, Naivas Foodmarket Mwanzi, follows the recent opening of the 101st branch in Kakamega County, showcasing the retailer’s rapid expansion strategy.

The expansion reaffirmed Naivas Supermarket’s dominance in the Kenyan retail sector, outpacing competitors like Carrefour and Quick Mart, which currently have 59 and 22 outlets, respectively.

“The addition of the Mwanzi Road outlet not only enhances Naivas’ extensive network but also reinforces its impact in the retail market, positioning the supermarket chain as a formidable presence,” Cytonn Investments noted.

“The opening of this outlet not only strengthens the supermarket’s extensive network but also increases its impact in the market, establishing Naivas as a formidable presence in the retail sector.”

Naivas Supermarket’s aggressive expansion is part of its national growth strategy, allowing it to reach new territories and tap into emerging markets.

The retailer’s head of operations, Peter Mukuha, highlighted the significance of the Kakamega branch as it marked the company’s entry into a completely new region.

Naivas Supermarket, founded by the late Peter Mukuha Kago, has seen remarkable growth and success.

In June of the previous year, the family of the company’s founder sold an additional 11% stake for an estimated USD41.7 million (Sh6.4 billion), reducing their ownership to 49%.

The move facilitated foreign investors in taking controlling ownership.

Despite the challenges faced by foreign retailers in the Kenyan market, Naivas continues to thrive and expand.

The Kenyan retail landscape remains competitive, with Naivas facing pressure from competitors like Quickmart and Carrefour, both pursuing ambitious expansion plans.

Naivas Supermarket, with over 10,750 employees, stands as one of Kenya’s largest private-sector employers, contributing significantly to the nation’s economic growth.

As Naivas Supermarket continues its aggressive expansion strategy, the Kenyan retail market is witnessing fierce competition, emphasizing the dynamic nature of the sector.

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