MOROCCO – Morocco has recorded a significantly low revenue from frozen raspberries exported to Spain despite high volume exports of the fruit in 2022/23.

According to a report by EastFruit, the volume of Moroccan berry exports increased by eight times over a span of four years. In MY 2022/23 (from July to June), exports to Spain reached 4,100 tons.

With the increase in supplies, export revenue also showed a significant growth. A year earlier, sales to Spain brought Morocco a record USD 7.7 million.

The MY 2022/23 has brought new dynamics to the pricing of frozen raspberries. The report highlights a 25% increase in supply volume, a 30% decrease in export revenue, and growers receiving only USD 5.4 million from sales of frozen raspberries in the MY 2022/23.

It is worth noting that Spain annually increases its imports of frozen raspberries and blackberries. Over the past five years, imports of these products into the country have doubled. In the current season, a record-breaking 7,300 tons of imported berries were brought to local markets.

Currently, as outlined in the report, Spain is ranked 14th among global importers of frozen raspberries and blackberries. This is an improvement from its previous ranking of 20th on the list five years ago.

Frozen raspberries are primarily imported to Spain from Morocco, Poland, Serbia, and Belgium. In the recently concluded season, the country imported berries from 18 countries, with over half of all shipments (57%) originating from Morocco.

The report further explains that in MY 2022/23, nearly all importers increased their supplies to the Spanish markets, leading to a slight decrease in Morocco’s share of exports to the country.

In another article recently published by FreshPlaza, Morocco has experienced a significant surge in its frozen raspberry exports to the European Union. The exports have risen from 3,600 tons in 2020 to 16,700 tons in 2022, marking a fourfold increase in just two years.

Exports of ripe and fresh raspberries have also increased, reaching a volume of 56,200 tons in 2022, after a 36% increase in 2021, states the article.

“Morocco has emphasized the export of high-value-added products. However, with the increasing production of fresh raspberries and other berries for export, primarily to EU countries, there is now an opportunity for the development of frozen berries,” outlines the report.