MOROCCO – Morocco has soared to new heights in the avocado export market, setting a remarkable record with shipments reaching 60,000 tons during the 2023/2024 season.

This achievement marks a substantial 33% increase from the previous season, positioning Morocco as Africa’s third-largest exporter of avocados, following Kenya and South Africa.

Abdellah Elyamlahi, President of the Moroccan Avocado Association (MAVA), attributes this milestone to a substantial 50% surge in avocado harvests, exceeding 70,000 tons.

“This increase in volume has been pivotal in driving our export success,” states Elyamlahi in an interview with FreshPlaza.

The surge in demand from the European Union, particularly amidst a decline in Spain’s avocado production due to drought, has further fueled Morocco’s export growth.

Key EU markets for Moroccan avocados include Spain, France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Italy.

Elyamlahi underscores the industry’s resilience in overcoming challenges, noting, “Despite facing storms and adverse climatic conditions, including insufficient rainfall resulting in smaller fruits, we’re pleased with this year’s performance.”

Looking ahead, Morocco aims to amplify its avocado exports, targeting a volume surpassing 100,000 tons by 2027 with the Hass variety dominating 90% of the Moroccan avocado production, accounting for 90% of the total yield.

Moroccan avocados maintain a competitive edge in the European market, offering competitive prices ranging from 2.10 to 2.50 Euros per kilo.

Notably, their advantage lies in swift delivery compared to avocados sourced from South America, rendering them a cost-effective alternative.

Within Morocco, the Casablanca wholesale market serves as a vital trading hub for avocados, with prices varying based on supply and seasonality.

During peak avocado season, prices typically range from 10 to 12 Moroccan dirhams (USD 1.00-1.19) per kilo, while off-season rates escalate to 20 to 25 (USD 2.00 -2.50) Moroccan dirhams per kilo.

This commendable performance occurs amid concerns over Morocco’s water crisis, prompting government interventions to ration water usage across various sectors.

While challenges persist, Morocco’s northern regions, home to extensive avocado plantations, benefit from relatively higher groundwater reserves and sporadic rainfall, fostering conducive conditions for avocado cultivation.

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