MOROCCO – Tomato exports from Morocco to France have spiked following the current decline of the fresh produce output in the European country.

France’s declining production is due to a variety of factors, including the lack of investment from the French government and regulatory constraints, according to the French association.

The French Ministry of Agriculture projects that tomato production will continue to slide in 2023, with a forecasted 13% year-on-year drop.

The Association of Producers of Tomatoes and Cucumbers of France recorded a statement explaining how the drop in tomato yield in France has benefited Moroccan tomato producers.

“Morocco’s tomato exports have been recording “record figures once again for the 2022/2023 season. With over 700,000 tons exported to Europe, 51% of which to France,” the association said.

“Moroccan tomatoes benefit from ultra-favorable trade agreements and a lack of clear labeling of their origin.”

In 2022, tomato imports to France reached 425,552 tons, up from 357,118 tons in 2021. Moroccan tomatoes (mainly cherry tomatoes) accounted for 63% of those imported volumes.

Morocco has consistently consolidated its position as one of the world’s leading exporters of fresh tomatoes during the 2022/2023 crop year, reaching record figures.

According to the latest data published by EastFruit, between July 2022 and June 2023, the country exported a total of 716,700 tons of tomatoes to international markets, representing a revenue of USD 990 million.

These figures highlight the growth of this sector in Morocco. In the last decade it has been one of the countries with the highest export growth rates with more than 25% in the last five years alone.

Fresh tomatoes are also among the top 10 products exported by Morocco. According to data from the 2022 Annual Report on Foreign Trade, prepared by the Moroccan Bureau de Change, exports of fresh tomatoes accounted for 2.4% of the total in 2022, with an increase of 35% over the previous year’s figure.

In terms of buyer countries, Morocco has managed to increase its client base in recent years and today, a total of 44 countries buys Moroccan tomatoes, compared to 24 countries just six years ago.

Globally, the Netherlands, Mexico, Morocco, and Spain are the four largest exporters in the world.

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