US – Family-owned greenhouse giant Mastronardi Produce is set to strengthen its presence in the blueberry sector through a partnership with SEKOYA, an innovative B2B-branded platform.

The partnership aims to elevate Mastronardi’s category offerings, fostering growth in the domestic blueberry market.

Mastronardi Produce, renowned for brands such as SUNSET, Backyard Farms, BerryWorld, and Queen of Greens, is a diversified agricultural business, specializing in tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, berries, and lettuce.

The company’s decision to align with SEKOYA reflects its commitment to expanding its high-tech growing capabilities and tapping into the global blueberry market.

“This partnership will significantly bolster the domestic blueberry category for growers and retailers alike,” emphasized Paul Mastronardi, President, and CEO of Mastronardi Produce.

The collaboration will grant Mastronardi access to SEKOYA’s proprietary blueberry varieties, including Sekoya Beauty, Sekoya Crunch, Sekoya Grande, Sekoya Pop, and Sekoya Fiesta, planted across various locations worldwide.

Mark David, SEKOYA’s North America General Manager, expressed enthusiasm about Mastronardi’s involvement, stating, “Mastronardi brings experience to SEKOYA through their premium concept and brands, which will add value in the market. Every SEKOYA member brings a unique set of skills, perspective, and dedication to the table, all of which have been instrumental in driving our progress to date.”

SEKOYA, initiated in the 90s with Fall Creek nurseries, has expanded its operations globally, establishing a strong presence in the United States, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Spain, The Netherlands, South Africa, and China.

The creation of the SEKOYA division in 2017 aimed to meet the rising demand for a B2B-branded platform in the agricultural sector.

In a separate development, Germany’s leading food retailer, REWE, has chosen to exclusively source blueberries from the SEKOYA network to meet the growing market demand.

REWE will feature the Livie logo, a distinctive mark denoting the highest quality Sekoya varieties, on the packaging of its value-added brand, REWE Beste Wahl.

Marco Migliore, senior category buyer at REWE, explained the decision, stating, “We were able to observe that the quality of a Sekoya blueberry performed significantly better compared to other varieties. We are convinced that the key to success for better sales lies in ensuring consistent quality. Here Sekoya has been significantly more homogenous.”

The Livie logo acts as a guarantee for consumers, assuring top-notch quality in firmness, taste, and size of the blueberries.

REWE’s exclusive partnership with SEKOYA underscores the platform’s reputation for delivering superior and consistent produce, aligning with the retailer’s commitment to meeting consumer expectations.

As these collaborations unfold, the synergy between Mastronardi Produce, SEKOYA, and REWE is poised to reshape the landscape of the blueberry market, offering consumers enhanced quality and choices while opening new avenues for growth in the global produce industry.

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