MOROCCO – Moroccan agricultural giant Les Domaines unveiled its new mandarin variety, ‘SweetCott’ in a pivotal moment at the Fruit Logistica trade fair in Berlin on February 8th.

This citrus innovation has captured the attention of global agribusiness stakeholders and the press, marking a significant milestone for Les Domaines.

Kenza Ouali, the Marketing Director at Les Domaines, highlighted the importance of SweetCott, stating, “The launch of SweetCott marks the culmination of over a decade of research and development, positioned to redefine the citrus landscape in Morocco and beyond.”

According to Ouali, production in Morocco is set to reach commercial volumes next season, according to Ouali. “We will be selling SweetCott everywhere,” she stated. “Our main markets are the UK, North America, the EU and the Middle East.”

Drawing from the success of its predecessor, Nadorcott, Les Domaines envisions SweetCott following a similar trajectory.

Badr Bennis, CEO of Les Domaines Export, expressed confidence, saying the new variety promises even greater potential with its compelling attributes for growers, retailers, and consumers.

Mohamed Marzak, Director of the Arboriculture Business Unit at Les Domaines, explained that SweetCott extends the citrus season until May.

He noted, “The fruit is solid and remains firmly attached to the tree as late as April. It allows an early start to production, delivers a high yield, and ensures a better return for growers.”

These claims are supported by more than five years of trials and data supervised by Dr. Zemzami, Variety Developer, and Dr. Karimi, R&D Manager.

Amine Mamou, Deputy CEO of Les Domaines Export, underscored the extended shelf life of SweetCott, both on the trees and in cold storage.

He anticipates positive feedback from retailers, projecting SweetCott to command premium prices due to its high perceived value and substantial volume availability, remaining available three weeks later than Nadorcott.

Mamou described SweetCott as having a remarkable 14% to 16% brix and a vibrant orange color, offering an unparalleled taste experience.

He emphasized its “exceptional juice consistency, minimal seeds, and supreme flavor, destined to captivate consumers’ palates.”

Les Domaines has already initiated the commercial production of SweetCott on a test scale. Badr Bennis stated that it will be licensed starting next season in Morocco, as well as in the main citrus-producing countries in the Southern Hemisphere and the United States.

However, Bennis emphasized caution in the licensing process, citing the need for technical expertise. He added, “It is too early to project volumes, as we await the selection of early adopters who will be licensed in 2025.”

The announcement of SweetCott at Fruit Logistica showcased Les Domaines’ commitment to innovation in the citrus industry, setting the stage for a transformative impact on global markets.

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