DENMARK – Kartoffelmelcentralen (KMC), the world’s leading producer of potato-based ingredients, has officially opened a new 5,000 square meter Innovation Center, significantly enhancing its production capabilities.

With an investment of USD 14.3 million, this cutting-edge facility is set to play a pivotal role in the future of plant-based cuisine.

KMC’s substantial investment underscores the company’s commitment to the rapidly expanding plant-based food sector.

In 2023, the company achieved record sales of USD 488.1 million and anticipates further growth in the coming years. The Innovation Center will be crucial in meeting this demand, with 600–700 potato growers, who collectively own KMC, backing the initiative.

“The plant-based agenda is growing rapidly, and KMC is ready to provide sustainable plant-based solutions to the food industry. Our Innovation Center is central to this strategy and will play a crucial role in establishing a Danish stronghold within bio-solutions and the production of future plant-based foods,” said Jesper Burgaard, CEO of KMC.

The Innovation Center will facilitate collaboration with clients through access to advanced facilities.

Experts at KMC will use these resources to offer guidance on enhancing product value using potato-derived starch, fiber, and proteins. These ingredients are vital for a wide range of foods, including bread, noodles, chips, snacks, and plant-based cheeses and sauces.

KMC’s focus on sustainability is evident in its efforts to replace animal-based products with plant-based alternatives.

Potatoes have a low climate footprint and provide high yields, making them an efficient crop for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

“The potato has a low climate footprint and provides many calories per hectare. Therefore, KMC’s work plays an important role in efforts to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions through Danish technologies,” Burgaard added.

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