US – Key Technology, a global food processing machinery supplier, has introduced RemoteMD 2.0 for optical sorters to securely connect to a customer’s sorter for real-time remote monitoring and technical support.

RemoteMD 2.0 helps maximize equipment performance to safeguard food safety and guarantee product quality while boosting machine up-time and cutting down on maintenance expenses.

“The worldwide labor shortage has made technology experts difficult for food processors to hire and retain. With fewer skilled employees at our customers’ facilities, we’ve identified ways we can help fill the gaps,” expressed Jack Lee, Duravant Group President – Food Sorting and Handling Solutions.

“Leveraging RemoteMD, we can take many machine maintenance tasks off the customer’s plate and improve their ROI by minimizing repair time and costs and reducing the chance of product recalls.”

According to Lee, with this inclusion, when a food processor chooses a Key sorting system, they do not just get a machine – Key offers a partnership that lasts the life of the system.

RemoteMD creates a secure two-way remote connection and gives a Key service professional comprehensive details about the state and health of the system.

The specialist evaluates the software and hardware conditions and finds areas for improvement that could assist the client in increasing system uptime and performance. RemoteMD makes it easier to distribute and install software updates and patches as necessary.

“If a customer needs technical support, RemoteMD reduces the likelihood an on-site service technician is required since many issues can be diagnosed and corrected remotely by Key,” outlined Key Technologies in a recent press release.

The company further outlined that if an in-person service visit is necessary, a remote system audit can speed resolution by providing information about the system’s health and identifying parts needed before the technician’s arrival.

This technological advancement by Key was preceded by their unveiling of a new enhancements for fresh produce grading and sizing systems.

The company, in November 2023, introduced its enhanced Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems, which includes its Sliver Sizer Remover (SSR), Precision Size Grader (PSG) and Rotary Size Grader (RSG) for optimized grading and sizing.

The new Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems improve sanitation and ease maintenance while improving product quality, according to the company.

Improved water/product containment is the result of a higher infeed frame plate with an added deflection flange to help shed water off the plate, sloped deflectors on both sides and a deflector flange on the discharge shear.

“Our Rotary Sizing and Grading Systems have set the industry standard for decades,” announced Jack Lee, Duravant Group President – Food Sorting and Handling Solutions. “As the market leader, we’re always developing new ways to improve our popular, field-proven equipment to optimize it for the modern age.”

Key’s experts further reveal that the new grooved rollers on the SSR facilitate the same high output as traditional SSRs but with more precise product grading.

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