ISRAEL – Intel Ignite Tel Aviv has forged a partnership with RumaFeed, a startup originating from Yissum, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s technology transfer company.

The joint initiative aims to cultivate potatoes for both food consumption and biomass production, presenting a novel approach to address global food security challenges while fostering environmental sustainability.

Situated in Holit, a kibbutz located in the Gaza region of southern Israel, the project holds significant promise amidst the backdrop of recent adversity.

Thirteen kibbutz members tragically lost their lives in the assaults on October 7th, resulting in substantial damage to infrastructure and industrial capacity.

“At the forefront of this collaboration is RumaFeed’s Chief Technology Officer, Prof. Haim Rabinowich, from Hebrew University’s Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food, and Environment,” stated a recent press release.

RumaFeed specializes in innovative solutions to enhance global food production while prioritizing environmental conservation and nutritional security.

Central to their approach is the reimagining of crop utilization, particularly within the Solanaceae family.

By employing groundbreaking techniques to inhibit the synthesis of glycoalkaloids, RumaFeed aims to transform potato leaves, traditionally considered biological waste, into a valuable resource.

These leaves, rich in digestible nutrients, surpass traditional fodder in both nutritional value and digestibility, offering superior benefits to animal feed and silage.

Reflecting on the partnership, Prof. Rabinowich expressed his commitment to reshaping agricultural paradigms: “Our collaboration with Intel Ignite transcends mere business objectives; it embodies a mission to convert waste into valuable resources, augment crop yields, and fortify global food security.”

Initiated in 2019, Intel Ignite has evolved into a multifaceted accelerator program targeting deep tech businesses globally.

Following the events of October 7th, the program expanded its focus to include technical solutions aimed at facilitating the recovery of the western Negev region.

With an esteemed panel comprising managers, venture capitalists, and agricultural innovation experts, Intel Ignite sought initiatives with the potential to enhance crop productivity and quality while advancing farming methodologies.

“Integrating RumaFeed varieties globally could yield 150-200 million tons of high-quality feed, paving the way for expanded food production and raw material sourcing without compromising vital ecosystems or natural resources,” concluded the experts involved.

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