US – HZPC Americas Corp. has announced the latest addition to its North American team, Deron Beck, who assumed the role of Product Manager on December 1st, 2023.

With a robust background spanning fifteen years in the development of vegetable varieties and research, Deron brings a wealth of expertise to the renowned agricultural corporation.

A native of Idaho, aptly known as the “potato state,” Deron holds a master’s degree in plant science from the University of Idaho. His extensive experience has primarily focused on potatoes, onions, carrots, sweet corn, and peppers in the western United States.

Expressing his anticipation for the new role, Deron stated, “I am looking forward to sharing my knowledge with and gaining new perspectives from our customers all across North America.”

President Aron Derbidge expressed excitement about Deron joining the team, emphasizing his valuable contributions.

“Deron’s experience and understanding of the needs of our growers make him a natural fit for the changing face of HZPC Americas,” Derbidge remarked.

He highlighted Deron’s active involvement in trial planning for the upcoming season, underscoring the anticipation for his guidance in both the lab and the field.

Founded in The Netherlands in 1898, HZPC has evolved into the global market leader in idea creation, seed potato trade, and creative breeding.

The company focuses on providing innovative potato varieties tailored to specific growing environments, with a commitment to long-term growth.

HZPC’s proactive approach addresses climatic, cultural, and commercial challenges faced by the food industry.

With a workforce of 400 employees spanning 16 nations and exporting to over 90 countries, HZPC plays a vital role in ensuring the availability of wholesome food for millions worldwide.

Deron Beck’s appointment aligns with HZPC’s commitment to continuous growth and innovation in the agricultural sector.

His extensive knowledge and dedication to the industry position him as an asset in steering HZPC Americas Corp. toward new heights.

In a related development, HZPC UK, a key member of the Royal HZPC Group and a leader in potato varieties and seed production in the UK, strengthened its position with the acquisition of TLC Potatoes.

TLC Potatoes, a prominent minituber producer in Scotland, further enhances HZPC’s capabilities and presence in the dynamic potato industry.

The strategic moves by HZPC Americas Corp. and HZPC UK underscore the company’s commitment to fostering innovation, expanding expertise, and ensuring a sustainable future for the global food industry.

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