US – GrubMarket, a prominent player in the fresh food supply chain, has recently announced its successful acquisition of JC Cheyne, a renowned potato and onion producer.

Founded over 60 years ago by Jimmie Cheyne, JC Cheyne has become a key supplier of a diverse range of products, including potatoes and onions in various colors, sizes, and grades.

With a customer base spanning over eighty retail, food service, wholesale, and mom-and-pop stores throughout California, JC Cheyne has built strong relationships with suppliers in Oregon’s Klamath Basin, Northwestern Washington, Idaho, and Mexico.

Scott Fenters, who has led JC Cheyne for the past few decades, expressed pride in the company’s legacy and its commitment to treating everyone with respect and integrity.

Fenters emphasized the family-oriented values shared with GrubMarket and the excitement about joining forces, “We are excited to leverage GrubMarket’s technology ecosystem to bring more potatoes and onions to GrubMarket’s end customers nationwide.”

Mike Xu, CEO of GrubMarket, praised JC Cheyne’s success under its current ownership and highlighted its exceptional reputation in the Bay Area.

The acquisition aligns with GrubMarket’s commitment to strong relationships and taking care of its people and partners.

Xu stated, “With this acquisition, GrubMarket continues to strengthen our West Coast presence; I am thrilled to welcome JC Cheyne to the GrubMarket family.”

The acquisition ensures that JC Cheyne will continue operating under the leadership of its existing skilled management team.

The company’s headquarters at the Golden Gate Fruit Terminal, one of Northern California’s largest and busiest fruit terminals, will remain operational.

JC Cheyne’s quick product turnover, averaging less than three days, allows for optimal freshness and aligns with GrubMarket’s focus on quality and efficiency.

Scott Fenters emphasized the collaborative potential of the partnership, stating, “We are excited to join the GrubMarket team, which shares our family-oriented values and cares as much as we do about cultivating strong and lasting relationships with both suppliers and customers.”

As part of GrubMarket’s portfolio, JC Cheyne will benefit from GrubMarket’s innovative WholesaleWare software suite.

This software-as-a-service platform offers comprehensive features such as financial management, sales support, online ordering, inventory management, lot traceability, grower accounting, and logistics automation.

Additionally, JC Cheyne will utilize Orders IO, GrubMarket’s custom branded mobile eCommerce solution.

The acquisition marks a significant step for GrubMarket in strengthening its presence on the West Coast, bringing together the strengths and values of both companies to enhance the fresh food supply chain.

The transaction is poised to contribute to the continued success and growth of JC Cheyne under the GrubMarket umbrella.

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