GHANA – The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority (GPHA) has embarked on a strategic journey towards the development of a cutting-edge maritime single-window system.

This initiative aims to optimize vessel traffic management and fortify collaborations with key stakeholders involved in the clearance process.

The Director General of GPHA, Mr. Michael Achagwe Luguje, highlighted the significance of this innovative system, emphasizing its complementary role alongside the existing Integrated Customs Management System (ICUMS) and the paperless port clearance system. These integrations have already proven instrumental in enhancing overall port transactions.

“In our commitment to technological advancement, the maritime single-window system is a pivotal step forward. It aligns with our mission to facilitate seamless operations and elevate the efficiency of our ports,” stated Mr. Luguje.

Despite a slight dip in cargo handling in 2023 compared to the previous year, GPHA continued its commitment to infrastructure upgrades.

The acquisition of modern machinery and equipment, including marine crafts, cranes, reach stackers, and forklifts, showcased their dedication to staying at the forefront of port logistics.

Substantial progress was witnessed at the MPS Terminal 3, where 15 state-of-the-art gantry cranes were delivered, expanding the terminal’s area. This development allows for the direct docking of the world’s largest vessels at the Tema port.

The completion of the multi-purpose and container terminal in Takoradi, operated by Atlantic Terminal Services Limited and Yilport Holdings, was also announced, with expectations for its completion before the end of 2024.

The enhancements at the Port of Takoradi, including modern conveyor systems and eco-hoppers, underscore GPHA’s commitment to increasing capacity for handling bulk cargoes.

These initiatives align with GPHA’s master plan, which includes diversifying services to meet growing demands. The Keta Port project is a focal point, currently undergoing environmental, social, and impact assessments.

Mr. Luguje urged importers and exporters to continue their support, reiterating GPHA’s commitment to making Ghana’s ports the preferred choice in West and Central Africa.

Tema Port records remarkable cargo handling despite economic challenges

In a challenging economic landscape, Tema Port showcased resilience by successfully handling 18 million tonnes of cargo in 2023.

This achievement marked a significant improvement during the second half of the year, following a relatively subdued first half.

Mr. Michael Achagwe Luguje, Director General of GPHA, attributed this success to collaborative initiatives between GPHA and external stakeholders.

Measures such as stabilizing exchange rates for transit goods and engaging with stakeholders to understand and address factors affecting import figures were pivotal.

Addressing concerns about rising business costs at Ghana’s seaports, Mr. Luguje clarified that port charges represent only about 10% of the total clearance cost.

He expressed confidence in the government’s commitment to implementing strategies that would mitigate these rising costs.

GPHA’s dedication to efficiency and its mission to position Ghana’s ports as a preferred hub in the sub-region are evident in ongoing efforts to enhance infrastructure and services.

The combination of technological advancements and collaborative measures reinforces GPHA’s commitment to maintaining operational excellence in the maritime sector.

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